Refund and Returns Policy

Hard Copy Magazines and other merchandise:

Should you receive any defective hard copy magazines or products from River Rock Entertainment we will supply you with a replacement version at no cost. If no replacement version is available we will refund your money.

To return a faulty item, please enclose a letter giving the reason for return, secure the package and return to the address below.

Gutshot Magazine
River Rock Entertainment LLP,
S-6/8, Khira Industrial Estate, B.M. Bhargava road,
Santacruz West, Mumbai – 400054.

Electronic Products, Premium Subscriptions, Jobs listings

Electronic subscriptions, database access and other electronic products are not subject to refund or return. Subscriptions can be cancelled with details under our Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

Subscriptions – Hardcopy and Electronic

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, we will refund the balance of the outstanding number of issues (i.e. If your subscription entitled you to 4 editions and you have received 3, we will calculate your refund as 25 per cent of your payment) or the proportion of the time left on your subscription (i.e. with a 12 month subscription, if you cancel after 8 months, we will calculate your refund as 33.3 per cent of your payment) less an INR 150 administration fee and less any transaction charges that will be incurred as part of the refund. We will provide you with a breakdown of your refund.