Baadshah Live Tournament 3 - Oct 2018

35k Main Event

35k Main Event1B

BLT 3 Main Event Day 1B Roundup

Posted 2018-10-06 06:35 papashango • Level 14: 1500-3000, 3000 ante

It was a little past 4:00 pm when the second starting flight of the Baadshah Live Tournament's Main Event kicked off at the Pride Poker room here in Panjim, Goa. 24 participants came together to try and make their way to Sunday's Day 2. As the sun started to make its way over the Mandovi river, we were left with the final 5 players who survived this Day 1B. Leading these survivors was Devesh Thapas who carries a stack of 2,48,400 into Day 2.

The evening hours of Friday brought with it some intermittent but heavy showers coupled with lightning and thunder. And while the inclement weather was doing its drama on the outside, inside the confines of the Casino Pride, things were decidedly moving at a much more relaxed pace. Given the deep structure of the tournament, players had much more play available to them. This Main Event features a buy-in of INR 35,000 and players who made the buy-in were presented with a stack of 30,000. While the overall action across the evening was decidedly slow, we did see some early bustouts from this Main Event. One of them was Amit Dev who lost a chunk of chips in the early levels of the day. Dev would go onto be the first elimination of this Day 1B when he lost to the bigger straight of Gaurav Gala. Gala was in fact chipleader when the tournament went on its first break of the evening.

Some of the players who were participating in the 75k Highroller happening alongside got knocked out and immediately jumped into Main Event. These included Vikram Kumar, star of the 'LungiTV' series and well known pro and WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant. While Kumar did not enjoy a good run in the Highroller, he did get off to a good start by eliminating Pranav Bhatija and collected some chips as a result. Sushant too found his groove and settled in with a steady, if not spectacular, chip stack. Other names like Anant Purohit and the afore-mentioned Gaurav Gala would be some more of those who were eliminated. Barely any movement in the final two blind levels as it seemed like players were almost dead on their feet and looking to head home and rest for a bit.
One final bit of excitement as Level 14 came to a close with a double elimination of Shashank Siddharth (busted flush draw) and Mihir Thakkar (Kx 9x) happening at the hands of Devesh Thapar's Ax 9x on a board of 6s 4s 9d Xx Xx.

Here's how the final five players' stacks looks like:-

1. Devesh Thapar - 2,48,,400
2. Ronak Agarwal - 1,81,100
3. Aditya Sushant - 1,14,700
4. Navin Kumar - 1,04,600
5. Vikram Kumar - 71,200

That's it from us for the coverage from this BLT3 Main Event Day 1B. See you tomorrow right here at for Day 1C of this Main Event!

Devesh Thapar executes Double KO to end play on Day 1B!

Posted 2018-10-06 06:10 anish • Level 14: 1500-3000, 3000 ante

He's a MoneyMaker. He's a Millionaire. He's DEVESH THAPAR.

After 14 levels and hours of long and hard grinding, we've reached the end of Day 1B of the Baadshah Live Tournament Main Event. Ashish Munot topped the online Day 1A from among 7 survivors. Today, 24 entries registered and from these, Thapar is the chip leader among the 5 survivors who bagged their chips to continue to Day 2, which will be played on 7th October. 

The final hand was as good as it can get, with three players shoving all-in. On the 6s 4s 9d flop, Shashank Siddharth had a straight flush draw with 8s 5s, while Mihir Thakkar had Kx 9x and Devesh had Ax 9x. The turn and river bricked to see Devesh taking down the big pot and executing two eliminations.

Current chip counts at the end of Day 1B:

Player Country Chips
Devesh Thapar 2,48,400
Ronak Agarwak 1,81,100
Aditya Sushant 1,14,700
Naveen Kumar 1,04,600
Vikram Kumar 71,200

8 players left with two levels to be played

Posted 2018-10-06 04:45 dwayne • Level 12: 800-1600, 1600 ante

Players have taken a break as Level 12 has reached its end. From here, two blind levels need to be played out for the second starting flight to come to an end. From the original field of 24 entries, 8 are still sitting down on a single table. Anant Purohit and Gaurav Gala were among recent eliminations while the current eight players include Naveen Kumar, Ronak Agarwal, Aditya Sushant, Vikram Kumar, Devesh Thapar, Shashank Siddharth, Srinivas and Mihir Thakkar. 

The players seem to be really tired as it's nearly time for the sun to come up here in Goa. We're not expecting too many bust outs from here until the end of play on Day 1B.

Navin Kumar leads Main Event Day 1B at break

Posted 2018-10-06 02:45 papashango • Level 9: 400-800, 800 ante

The action at the Main Event is much slower than what's happening at the 75k High Roller, but that's what tends to happen in these deep structured tournaments. The players have to play through 14 levels in this starting flight and they are done with 9, departing on a small break. Currently, Navin Kumar is in the lead with 1,40,000 but close behind him is Ronak Agarwal. 

Current top 10 chip counts:

Player Country Chips
Navin Kumar 140,000
Ronak Agarwak 135,000
Devesh Thapar 92,500
Srinivas 70,000
Rajnish Kumar 62,700
Gaurav Gala 58,000
Shashank Siddharth 36,800
Aditya Sushant 35,000
Mihir Thakkar 30,300
Anant Purohit 27,900

Gokul Krishna knocked out of tournament

Posted 2018-10-06 02:15 anish • Level 9: 400-800, 800 ante

The next one to hit the rails at the 35k Main Event was Gokul Krishna. He raised 15k when he saw the flop open 9s 9h 7h, and Srinivas decided to re-raise him by shoving in his entire stack. Krishna called with Ah Qd while Srinivas revealed Ac Ks. We heard someone call someone a fish at this table - no taking names - but honestly, none of the players had much. The turn opened 3c and the river was 5d. Srinivas won with higher kicker, K.