Baadshah Live Tournament 3 - Oct 2018

35k Main Event

35k Main Event1C

Kartik Ved highlights BLT Main Event Day 1C

Posted 2018-10-07 02:30 dwayne • Level 14: 1500-3000, 3000 ante

An action packed night at the Baadshah Live Tournament series came to an end a short while ago which saw 44 entries participate in Day 1C of the 35k BLT3 Main Event. By the end of the scheduled 14 levels of play, just 10 survived and they will combine with the 12 survivors from the first two flights to play down to the final table tomorrow. Today's Day 1C was headline by Kartik Ved who ended the day as chip leader bagging a massive stack of 280,000. 

This was the third and final starting flight into this Main Event which began its first start on 23 September. This Day 1A was played online at and had a total of 7 players who made their way through to the live event in Goa. Ashish Munot, who won the 15k opening event, was the chip leader of Day 1A. We brought you coverage from yesterday's Day 1B where five players eventually made till to the end of play lead by Devesh Thapar. 

Towards the end, we saw six successive knockouts, as most of the short stacked players wouldn't have wanted to come back tomorrow with small stacks. There were many of the pre-flop shove situations, and most short stacked players were out of the way before the clock was paused and 10 players bagged their chips, with Kartik Ved in the lead. Keep watching this space for more updates as players come back tomorrow at 4pm IST to play on for the top prizes. 

And it's a wrap. 10 survivors bag chips after Main Event Day 1C.

Posted 2018-10-07 02:00 dwayne • Level 14: 1500-3000, 3000 ante

Kartik Ved is having a great time on the Casino Pride at the moment. He finished 3rd for INR 3.75 lakh in the 75k High Roller just last night and now, he's finished Day 1C of the Main Event as the chip leader. He was among the top and eventually ended as the top due to a couple of knockouts towards the end. He has 280k in chips while Maddy is close behind with 168.6k. Remember, Maddy also qualified through the online Day 1A and will now go through to Day 2 with this stack, which was the bigger of the two. 

Current chip counts at the end of Day 1C:

Player Country Chips
Kartik Ved 280,000
Maddy Gupta 168,600
Amit Ajwani 163,000
Jayjit Ray 150,200
Ashish Ahuja 146,400
Kavish Kukreja 145,300
Gaurav Kalra 90,900
Gaurav Sood 61,600
Gagan Juneja 61,100
Ankit Kapoor 58,000

Three more players will miss Day 2

Posted 2018-10-07 01:45 dwayne • Level 14: 1500-3000, 3000 ante

Looks like some of the players didn't want to return with short stacks the next afternoon for Day 2.

The first to hit the rails was Shravan Chhabria who shoved all-in pre-flop with Fives. Kartik Ved made the call with Ah J2 and hit three of a kind Aces on the river. Chhabria was eliminated just a few minutes before the players bagged their chips. 

Next, it was Pranav Bathija who hit the rail, after being the chip leader at one time during the day. Another usual all-in situation where it Jayjit Ray made the call and it was A8 vs AQ. Ray hit a pair of Eights and won the pot as Bathija was eliminated. 

Last to go was Jasven Saigal, who was knocked out by Ashish Ahuja on the last hand of the day. After losing a major pot in the previous hand, Saigal shoved in with Sixes while Ahuja's Aces reigned superior as the board ran dry. 

Kanishka Bansal, Arjanveer Chadha, Chirag Sodha exit Main Event

Posted 2018-10-07 01:05 dwayne • Level 13: 1000-2000, 2000 ante

Arjanveer Chadha and Kanishka Bansal were both short stacked when play resumed after the break. The first to head out was Chadha who lost a big pot and was left with just a chip or two which he lost to the table just a minute later. 

On the same table, Bansal was the next to head out when he shoved all-in with 4h Ah. Kartik Ved called with Kings and Bansal got up from the table after a King opened on the flop and Ved hit his set of Kings.

We saw another pre-flop all-in situation on the same table. Chirag Sodha raised with Qx Jx and Shravan Chhabria shoved all-in with Qh As. The board opened and Chhabria scored a Full house, getting a much-needed chip up and knocking Sodha out of the tournament. 

Final break taken with Amit Ajwani in the lead

Posted 2018-10-07 00:35 dwayne • Level 12: 1000-2000, 2000 ante

18 players remain from the total field of 44 entries on Day 1C of the BLT 3 Main Event. Today's starting flight saw the biggest field and we're down to the final two blind levels before the survivors bag their chips to come back on Day 2 wich will be played tomorrow. So far, Amit Ajwani has taken the chip lead with a massive stack of 1,73,000. Behind him is none that than Maddy Gupta who was leading at the last break. Chirag Sodha and Gagan Juneja are currently holding the shortest stacks, so we'll see if they bust out soon or if they manage to chip up over the next hour or so. 

Current top chip counts:

Player Country Chips
Amit Ajwani 173,000
Maddy Gupta 161,900
Ankit Kapoor 141,900
Jasven Saigal 120,000
Kartik Ved 117,500
Ashish Ahuja 112,000
Kavish Kukreja 92,600
Gaurav Sood 81,000
Pranav Bathija 71,800
Jayjit Ray 66,900
  • Level: 12
  • Blinds: 1000-2000
  • Ante: 2000