Baadshah Live Tournament 3 - Oct 2018

35k Main Event

35k Main Event2

Anant Purohit out of the IPC Main Event

Posted 2019-09-15 22:15 dwayne • Level 25: 15000-30000, 30000 ante

A lot of pre-flop action was being witnessed on the final three tables in the Main Event and here too, Anant Purohit aka 'Pro' shoved with pocket Sixes to receive a call from Pulkit Goyal who overturned his cards and showed Ac Qh. It wasn't a lucky board for Purohit as the Qc Ad 4s Tc Qs board saw Goyal improving to a Full House and sending Purohit to the rail...

Aditya Sushant is BLT Main Event Champion!

Posted 2018-10-08 00:30 dwayne • Level 24: 15000-30000, 30000 ante

What a ride it has been at this Baadshah Live Series! Today saw the culmination of the 35k Main Event and outlasting the 94 entries was Aditya Sushant who scooped up this Main Event title along with top prize of INR 8.85 Lakhs (post a heads-up deal). Sushant defeated Guneet Singh Kwatra in headsup battle and the latter claimed INR 7.15 Lakhs for the runner-up. Sushant is famous on the Indian poker circuit for winning India's first World Series of Poker gold bracelet last year. Tonight's win is also significant as this is his second Main Event title at Baadshah Live Tournament Series, having won this same title in the inaugural edition as well. Sushant started off well in the series and a sixth place finish in the opening Bounty event was certainly a sign of things to come.

Action at this Main Event took place first on 23 September where players got together online at to play Day 1A in an innovative twist to this tournament. Ashish Munot led the stacks in that online flight and it was a sign of things to come for Munot who has had an extremely fruitful series here at the Pride Poker room in Panjim, Goa. He went on to claim the opening event i.e. 15k Kickoff, a bounty event outlasting 65 entries to claim the title. He then made another final table at the 75k Highroller although finishing out of the money in 6th place. And then he had another impressive run in today's 35k BLT3 Main Event to claim INR 2,75,000 for his 5th place finish.

Second in chips to Munot in that online Day 1A was Shuchi Chamaria who was the only lady participant in this Main Event to make it through to Day 2. She managed to double her stack and become one of the chip leaders early on in this Main Event. Playing very solidly, Chamaria kept building up her stack and not surprisingly made the final table with ease as one of the top stacks. She would go on to finish in 4th place for a nice payday of INR 3,25,000. One of the upcoming players on the circuit in recent times, Chamaria has received training from one of the top names on the Indian circuit in Aditya 'Intervention' Agarwal who is also her husband.

Tathagata Sengupta was also doing extremely well at that final table having amassed a considerable number of chips on his way to the FT. However, he busted out in 3rd place and took away INR 4.25 Lakhs. Heads-up came down to Sushant and Guneet Kwatra and the two struck a deal immediately. Kwatra had the chip lead for a long time during the day and had an overwhelming lead of 2:1:1 coming into 3-way play, before losing it all to Sushant in heads-up.

That's all we have for you from the Baadshah Live Tournament. Hope you enjoyed our live coverage from the event. Until the next time, it's goodbye from us. 

Place Winner Country Prize
1 Aditya Sushant IND INR 8,85,000
2 Guneet Kwatra IND INR 7,15,000
3 Tathagata Sengupta IND INR 4,25,000
4 Shuchi Chamaria IND INR 3,25,000
5 Ashish Munot IND INR 2,75,000
6 Devesh Thapar IND INR 2,15,000
7 Gaurav Kalra IND INR 1,65,000
8 Ronak Agarwal IND INR 1,25,000
9 Kartik Ved IND INR 90,000
10 Jayjit Ray IND INR 70,000

Guneet Singh Kwatra finishes second for INR 7.15 lakh

Posted 2018-10-07 23:45 dwayne • Level 24: 15000-30000, 30000 ante

Guneet Singh Kwatra executed quite a few knockouts during the course of the day's play but he was eventually knocked out by Aditya Sushant. The two agreed on a deal in heads-up with Sushant slightly ahead in chips. It wasn't a very long heads-up period before the final hand saw Sushant winning and Kwatra taking the runner-up prize. 

Kwatra pre-flop raises by 65k and Sushant re-raises by 210k. Kwatra made the call and the flop opens 8s 2d Ks as he decides to shove all-in with Jh Ah. Sushant makes the call with Kings, having hit a set on the flop itself. The Qc and 3s that follows on fourth and fifth streets were of no use to Kwatra, finishing second for INR 7.15 lakh!

Heads-up deal has been struck!

Posted 2018-10-07 23:05 dwayne • Level 24: 15000-30000, 30000 ante

So Aditya Sushant and Guneet Singh Kwatra have decided to strike a deal in heads-up, with Sushant in the lead at the moment. The prizes calculated earlier were INR 10 lakh to first place and INR 6 lakh to second. Now, the players will share the INR 4 lakh difference in pay-outs.

Aditya Sushant will get INR 1.85 lakh from this difference because of the superior stack, while INR 1.15 lakh will go to Kwatra, with the remaining INR 1 lakh kept aside for the eventual winner. Who do you think will take it down from here?

Tathagata Sengupta takes a blow and then busts in 3rd

Posted 2018-10-07 22:40 anish • Level 23: 15000-30000, 30000 ante

Tathagata Sengupta took a big blow before he eventually bowed out in 3rd place at the Baadshah Live Main Event here at Casino Pride in Goa. He lost a major pot to Aditya Sushant's Aces which left him with just a few chips before getting knocked out a few minutes later. 

In the initial hand, the board had rolled out 7d 2s 5d 2h and Sengupta held 9d 8d which meant he had a Gutshot straight flush draw which led him to calling Aditya Sushant's 125k bet on the turn after a series of previous bets as well. However, he wasn't lucky enough as the river card was 7h and Sushant's Aces prevailed. Sengupta then lost to Sushant's Jacks and Nines a while later and the former finished in 3rd place for a prize of INR 4,25,000. 

Heads-up is ready to commence between Kwatra and Sushant with the following chip stacks:

Player Country Chips
Aditya Sushant 1,583,000
Guneet Kwatra 1,232,000
  • Level: 23
  • Blinds: 15000-30000
  • Ante: 30000