India Poker Championship - Sep 2019

100k Highroller

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100k Highroller2

Pranay Chawla wins the 100k Highroller!

Posted 2019-09-14 04:30 dwayne • Level 27: 200k-400k, 400k ante

207 entries registered on Day 1 and we resumed with 70 players today afternoon. The grind went on for over 12 hours and we played down to a winner in Pranay Chawla. It has been a fantastic ride for everyone who made it to the final table but there's always going to be just one winner. In this case, was Chawla who wins INR 51.66 Lakh for this massive effort. 

Nitish Gupta finishes runner-up in the 100k Highroller!

Posted 2019-09-14 04:15 dwayne • Level 27: 200k-400k, 400k ante

What a rollercoaster ride it has been for both players but eventually, only one is declared champion. Here, it was Nitish Gupta who had to walk away with the runner-up position, losing after shoving with Ah Tc in the final hand. Pranay Chawla called with Ks Th and went ahead immediately as the board opened Kh 3d 6d Kc Td, giving Chawla a full house. What a way to end this marvellous tournament!

Nitish walked away with the runner-up prize of INR 35,24,500!

Nitish Gupta wins some back...

Posted 2019-09-14 03:45 dwayne • Level 26: 150k-300k, 300k ante

Nitish Gupta was the clear underdog coming into heads-up but he seems to be intent on getting some chips in his favour. A few hands into heads-up and he's won a couple of successive pots. In the first of the two, Gupta held Qc Ts and after betting on each street, he won with Queen pair on a Q 8 K 7 2 board.

In the second of the two hands, NItish had Ah 9d and hit a pair on the flop itself, after the players put in 1 million each pre-flop. A K 6 5 Q on the board and once again, Chawla mucked, giving Nitish a massive pot of 5.5 million, along with the chip lead too. 

Chip counts at heads-up!

Posted 2019-09-14 03:30 dwayne • Level 26: 150k-300k, 300k ante
Player Country Chips
Pranay Chawla Pranay Chawla 19 million
Nitish Gupta Nitish Gupta 12 million

Vaibhav Sharma loses his stack - busts in 3rd!

Posted 2019-09-14 03:15 dwayne • Level 26: 150k-300k, 300k ante

It was one hell of a run by Vaibhav Sharma but his time in this tournament is now over. He decided to shove pre-flop with the rest of his stack of 4.2 million, holding pocket Fours. He got a call from Pranay Chawla who had Kd Js and the board rolled out 8h Ac 8d Ad Jh, giving Pranay Aces and Jacks. Sharma walked away with a massive cash prize of INR 20,89,900 and the tournament has now moved into its final stage. We're heads-up and currently, Pranay Chawla is the clear favourite to go on and win this!