India Poker Championship - Sep 2019

10k Freezeout

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10k Freezeout 1 Completed

Siddharth Mundada is the winner of the biggest ever IPC 10k Freezeout

Posted 2019-09-12 17:45 Papa Shango • Level 27: 50000-100000, 100000 ante

When there’s momentum behind, you can seldom do wrong and that it seems is the way it went for tonight’s champion. Siddharth Mundada. Overcoming a huge record breaking field of 437 players is no mean feat but Mundada did so and in style. He came into the final table of this 10k Freezeout tournament as the second place chip leader with just under a million in chips. He kept consolidating that stack and took hold of the chip lead when he knocked out Kavish Kukreja in 5th place. From there on there was no looking back as he got to the title knocking out both the runner-up positions to score a massive INR 8.80 Lakhs for the first place prize. The 27 year old hails from the city of Nashik and he has been in very good form having cashed 5 times in this years World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. 

Congratulations to Siddharth on this fantastic achievement as he is crowed champion of this opening event at the India Poker Championship September edition.

Nikhil R is our 2nd place finisher this evening

Posted 2019-09-12 17:30 Papa Shango • Level 27: 50000-100000, 100000 ante

He was one of top three stacks at the start of this 10k Freezeout but bled some chips to become short. Still persevering, Nikhil R clawed his way to make it into heads up. Unfortunately the almost 5:1 deficit proved too big to overcome and in the first and only hand of headsup, Nikhil R lost the remainder of his chips to Siddharth Mundada to finish runner-up tonight. Still an impressive display by the young player and that payday of INR 6,17,000 should take away some of the sting.

Chip counts at heads-up!

Posted 2019-09-12 17:15 dwayne • Level 27: 50000-100000, 100000 ante

After the latest elimination, players have headed out on a 2 minute break before the heads-up session begins. Siddharth Mundada has been consistent all through the tournament and enters heads-up with a lead of nearly 5:1 against Nikhil R. Will Nikhil be able to reduce the deficit and compete equally? Or will Mundada bag his first IPC title?

Player Country Chips
Siddharth Mundada Siddharth Mundada 5.06 million
Nikhil R Nikhil R 1.16 million
  • Level: 27
  • Blinds: 50000-100000
  • Ante: 100000

Another one bites the dust - Manas Kalita falls in 3rd

Posted 2019-09-12 17:00 dwayne • Level 27: 50000-100000, 100000 ante

Not even two hours since the final table began, we've had multiple eliminations including the latest one of Manas Kalita who ended his tournament in 3rd place, being knocked out by Siddharth Mundada. Kalita shoved pre-flop with Td Kh with the rest of his tournament chips and he got a call from Mundada who had As 4h. The players waited eagerly as the board rolled out Kc 2s 2d Ah 10s, giving Mundada Aces and Deuces and a prize of INR 3.96 Lakh. 

Rahul Tulsija falls in 4th place

Posted 2019-09-12 16:45 Papa Shango • Level 27: 50000-100000, 100000 ante

The shorter stacks knew they had to make a move at some point and this was the moment that Rahul Tulsija decides to take his shot. With just under 300k, he moves it into the middle with decent holdings in Kc Qh. Manas Kalita makes the call and Tulsija can only sigh in despair as he sees his headsup opponent show As Qs. Hopes are dashed on the flop of 8s 3h Ac and nothing on the turn Th and river 9d sees Tulsija hits the rails just outside the top 3 payouts.