India Poker Championship - Sep 2019

15k Head Hunter

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15k Head Hunter

Raghavendra Hada wins 15k Head-Hunter!

Posted 2019-09-16 05:15 dwayne • Level 27: 50000-100000, 100000 ante

Last tournament of a fantastic series and Raghavendra Hada ended victorious. He beat a field of 348 entries in the fourth and final tournament of the comeback series of IPC, including Arsh Grover in heads-up. Grover was building a massive stack on the FT and Hada did well to bust the last couple of players before heads-up. 

Hada was well rewarded for this victory, picking up INR 7,39,000 for this victories plus separate prizes for his bounties!

Arsh Grover ends in 2nd place!

Posted 2019-09-16 05:00 dwayne • Level 27: 50000-100000, 100000 ante

Pre-flop all-in and the tournament comes to an end!

Raghavendra Hada began heads-up as the chip leader and it didn't take too long before he wrapped it up. He shoved with Jc Kc and Arsh Grover called with 9c Tc. The board rolled out 2h 3h Ah 7d Jd and Hada won with a pair of Jacks. Grover had to settle for the runner-up prize of INR 5,18,200.

Heads-up chip counts

Posted 2019-09-16 04:45 dwayne • Level 26: 40000-80000, 80000 ante
Player Country Chips
Raghavendra Hada Raghavendra Hada 2.87 million
Arsh Grover Arsh Grover 2.35 million

And we're heads-up!

Posted 2019-09-16 04:30 dwayne • Level 26: 40000-80000, 80000 ante

Rachit Parihar busts in 3rd place!

Arsh Grover had a massive stack on the FT but he has been overtaken now as the last couple of busts have been executed by Raghavendra Hada. The player knocked out Parihar in third place a few minutes back. Parihar went all-in for 110k pre-flop and Hada re-raised. Grover folded and Parihar revealed pocket Sevens against Hada's Ad 7s. He hit an Ace on the Ks As Jd flop itself and the next two streets Kc and 9s were of no help to Parihar, who ended his tournament in third place. 

Arsh Grover sends Manoj Singh out now!

Posted 2019-09-16 03:45 dwayne • Level 25: 30000-60000, 60000 ante

It has been a rollercoaster ride for Arsh Grover so far, starting the FT as chip leader and executing a few busts as well. His latest victim was Manoj Singh who shoved the rest of his stack of 550k only to get a call from from Arsh. Singh revealed Ks Th and sadly, he was up against Grover's pocket Aces. The 7 5 5 6 Q board didn't help Manoj who busted in 5th.

10 minutes later, Devbrat Rout made an exit after shoving the rest of his stack of 500k. Raghavendra Hada made the call and showed pocket Tens over Rout's pocket Threes. Goodbye Rout! He busts in 4th place!