India Poker Championship - Sep 2019

35k Main Event

35k Main Event2

Raj Talwar is the IPC Main Event Champion!

Posted 2019-09-16 07:30 dwayne • Level 35: 150k-300k, 300k ante

IPC returned after more than 3 years and it was nothing short of a booming success. We witnessed a massive field of 777 entries which broke attendance records for a Main Event in India. 3 days after it began, we have a winner and it was Raj Talwar who powered his way through the field and endured a long and tiring final table. 

He beat Ayush Garg in heads-up and won the biggest prize of INR 49.25 Lakh. What's better is that he got to receive the final prize from none other than Dan Bilzerian himself, who was here at the Big Daddy Casino in Goa until sunrise and beyond, playing a high-stakes cash game on the VIP floor. 

That's all from us at the IPC in Goa. Until next time, it's bye bye!

Ayush Garg finishes in 2nd!

Posted 2019-09-16 07:00 dwayne • Level 35: 150k-300k, 300k ante

And it's finally over!

It's been three days since the IPC 35k Main Event began and we've finally reached the last man standing. It's none other than Raj Talwar who has won and taken home the biggest cash prize of INR 49,25,775. Ayush Garg began as the chip leader of the final table but he wasn't able to hit the final nail in the coffin. Qc 2d was his hole cards and he shoved pre-flop with the rest of his stack of around 5.3 million. Talwar made the call and revealed Ah 3d. Not the most extravagant way to end it but Talwar won with a pair of Tens on the board that rolled out Tc 6h Jd Kd Ts. Garg won INR 34,53,900 for this effort that ended in second place. 

Pocket Threes not good enough for Dhaval Mudgal; busts in 3rd!

Posted 2019-09-16 06:15 dwayne • Level 34: 125k-250k, 250k ante

And Dhaval 'Dirty' Mudgal is gone!

Pre-flop, Mudgal shoved 5.1 million with pocket Threes. He got called by the lesser experienced Raj Talwar who showed As 5h. Any pair on the board would've put Talwar ahead and that's exactly what happened on the Ks Tc 2s Ac Ts board. Mudgal busts in 2nd place and Talwar now has a vital chip up going into the heads-up session. 

Players on a 20-minute break

Posted 2019-09-16 06:00 dwayne • Level 34: 125k-250k, 250k ante

It's been an hour since heads-up began and the sun is a few minutes from rising here in Goa. Players have headed out on a 20-minute break and there hasn't been too much of movement of chips so far. There's a full rail in support of Dhaval Mudgal who is clearly the most experienced player from the three. However, the other two have also had a great tournament so far. It's 6am and there's not a slightest hint of fatigue on any of three players' faces. 

Stay tuned for more...

3-way chip counts

Posted 2019-09-16 05:00 dwayne • Level 33: 100k-200k, 200k ante
Player Country Chips
Ayush Garg Ayush Garg 10.6 million
Dhaval Mudgal Dhaval Mudgal 7 million
Raj Talwar Raj Talwar 5.2 million