5 Reasons why you should play poker

Posted On 28 Mar, 2019 0

Planning to have a lazy weekend? Sorry! We are not letting you become the couch potato, instead, we have an extraordinary indoor in sight for you to help you turn your droopy weekend into a mini vacation to Las Vegas!

Here, we're talking about none other than our favourite casino star 'Poker'; like a bowl of hot and sour soup, Poker comes with its set of adventures and risks. If you're still not convinced to play the game, do consider the following reasons which are undeniably the best persuaders of humans to try their luck in the legendary game...

1. Decision making – It is an integral part of Poker to help you make the most vital decisions in the quickest of the moment. When you have your opponent facing you, several judgements pass through your mind and having the opportunity to pick one decision at a time based on those several thoughts is a task which a person masters only with consistency in practice.

2. Better Judgement – When you deal with a game like Poker on a regular basis, you develop a rare quality of judging people and circumstances on their face value. Gradually, with constant attention to detail to human expressions and actions you can hone the skill of judging people and circumstances in an instance.

3. Risk Taking – Sure, we don’t promise you a shining career as a stunt artist but you will surely be able to get past the initial fear of taking risks in terms of growth and growth especially in terms of Poker; when we talk about risks, it is important for you to maintain the balance between risk-taking and hasty decision-making since poker is a game of minds.

4. Fun – Amidst all the psychological benefits of the game, let’s not forget the purpose of this article i.e. to enjoy! Poker in spite of being a game of victory and defeat involves a roller coaster ride of fun with its game structure and flow, so when one decides to step in, there is a pool of fun waiting to create memories into it to reminiscent them while sitting amongst your friends. (Swear, it’s a stress buster!)

5. Money Making – Here comes our favourite word in disguise- ‘Money’ (unarguably true, isn’t it?) In fact, there is a huge chunk of people who play poker only with the hope to get monetary rewards in the end, which is again accepted and appreciated until it’s a healthy intent. Poker has been known to be a traditionally active source of money betting, so, prepare your luck, wisdom and maybe a little mood to become rich this weekend!

Good luck!

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Event Dates Buy In
APPT Manila 2019 26 Jul - 4 Aug PHP 65,000
APT Korea Incheon 2 Aug - 13 Aug KRW 1,320,000
APT Philippines 11 Sep - 22 Sep TBD
India Poker Championship - September 2019 11 Sep - 15 Sep INR 35,000
APT Taiwan 9 Oct - 20 Oct TBD
AJPC Asian Circuit - Incheon 2 10 Oct - 14 Oct TBA