7 Killer Teen Patti variations to try out this Diwali

Posted On 29 Oct, 2018 0

Diwali's just around the corner, and for all card lovers that means only one thing - Teen Patti!

After the cleaning spree and distributing ‘diwali’ on the occasion of this big festival now is the time to set your tables and start shuffling the cards. This popular card game also referred to as Indian poker sees interesting additions to its set of variations every year - making both winning and losing equally fun. Assuming you know the basics, here are some interesting variations to try this year to spice up those Diwali parties. And for those who don't indulge in cards, this might be an easy way to join in on all the fun -- simply suggest your expert variation, sit back and watch the fun unfold!


Instead of using general sequences like Ace-2-3 or Jack-Queen-King, utilize alternate cards to form a sequence. Ace, 3, 5 or 9, Jack, King. For all those who have terrible luck with straight cards, this variation might actually make you win!


The Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts are known as one-eyed jacks. In this variation, all one-eyed jacks become jokers. The other two Jacks of Diamonds and Clubs are not one eyed, which can lead to comical confusion. To add to the chaos, you can even call certain colours of 369 jokers, declaring the others to be ordinary.


The card with the lowest value, becomes the card with the highest value, and alternately the card with the highest value switches to the lowest. For example, you have drawn Queen of Hearts, 4 of Spades and 4 of Diamonds. Your Queen has lesser value than your pair of 4’s. Mix it even further by adding a best of five to this variation. Deal five cards, discard any two and then select your lowest and highest cards.


As the name suggests, this variation has everything to do with the forehead. Each player gets one card. Without looking at your card, stick it on your forehead. This way all the players can see each other’s card but not their own. This version is played on luck-based estimates. The suspense is awesome and cards held to the head always make for a hilarious scene.


Three cards are dealt to each player and then one card is dealt in the middle. After each round, a new card is turned over. If the card is red, the game is played normally with that card being a joker. On the other hand, if the card is black, the game turns into ‘muflis’ where the lowest value hand wins. These games can go on for quite a long while.


Each player is dealt four cards of which the last one remains unseen and separate from the others. The third card dealt is a shown card that acts as a joker for all players. However, the minute a person folds their cards, their previously unseen card becomes the joker. Ouch!


This version is best played towards the end of a card session. Simply distribute equal packs of cards to different players, hold then between your ring finger and thumb and continue to drop till one-person yells ‘stop’! Of the cards remaining, pick one single card of highest value that you have left. The highest card wins!

(Anyone who doesn’t drop his or her set of cards will be eliminated).

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