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Posted On 07 Nov, 2018 0

Fantasy Leagues are the best way to be a part of the football mania. They are fun, calculative and engaging. They give a sense of belonging to a community of football enthusiasts but like any other competitive sport, they can get pretty intense during the season. Here is a rundown on arguably the biggest fantasy league forums in the World – Yahoo and ESPN


Yahoo is the oldest and biggest platform for fantasy league players in the world. The fantasy league community on Yahoo is the most active community among them all. It hosts a variety of fantasy leagues for amateurs as well as professional level players. You get the option of participating in casual or competitive leagues where you can play for money or simply the joy of participating. You basically pick the leagues based on its size after which you can auto pick or manually pick the players in a snake draft.

If you are lucky enough, you can get an invite from a private leagues as well which has only a select few members who are a part of it. The commissioner of the league customises the settings for the game and can also alter the default settings of Yahoo based on the advice of other league players.

The match analysis as well as discussion are the biggest highlights of the site and its mobile to website integrations are one of the best.

The interface and layout of the website are quite easy to understand, thus making it a very user friendly site. The Yahoo message board is often the most hilarious part of it all. The only bothersome part of it is the constant ads are that are quite distracting for its users.


ESPN too has a significant chunk of fantasy league fanatics onto its portal. Its larger than life website and mobile integration keeps things interesting while its admirable features has got many people hooked.

There are multiple league options on ESPN as well. It’s easy to use layout and advanced features makes it a great option for those who crave for better integration than Yahoo.

The user engagement on ESPN is quite commendable given that that’s what drives the league forward. The Fantasy football league tool kit hosts a plethora of awe- inspiring features like the ‘press conference’ and ‘league invite videos’.

The most unique feature of ESPN is the weekly report cards, for the last week’s game which helps league owners make the strategy for the next few rounds. The mobile integration is a top of the line and definitely the cherry on top.

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