A Day in the life of a poker professional

Posted On 16 May, 2018 0

Envision not getting up for work toward the beginning of the day, setting your own hours and, the best part is that figuring out how to clear a six-figure sum for only a couple of hours' work every day. Sounds like the ideal life, isn't that right? It's likewise why such huge numbers of people long for turning into an expert poker player.

Before starting, we should look into the words of poker pro Matthew Wheat:

“When most people think about professional poker players they picture someone sitting around a casino making tons of cash playing a recreational card game The reality can best be described using the famous quote that a lot of us in the business use to describe our jobs: 'It’s a hard way to make an easy living.'”

Some portion of the explanation behind this is the sheer number of hours that a player needs to put in every day on the off chance that they're to profit that they seek after. For instance, the Typical online player will hit the tables when they get up toward the beginning of the day – the worldwide nature of the web implies' will undoubtedly be a live game occurring whenever of the day or night – and that implies no lie-ins for the devoted pro.

Following a couple of hours playing, which can presumably have gone whichever way making the morning a major achievement or something of a debacle, it's the ideal opportunity for a well-earned and imperative break. As Wheat has additionally stated:

"To be successful in the long run you need a healthy mix of other things in your life aside from poker... like friends you can spend time with, hobbies or a fitness regime.”

But that’s not to say there aren't some frightful shocks in store – all things considered, online you never truly know who you're playing or what their good fortune, or capacity, might resemble. Furthermore, if the morning session's not gone so well then whatever remains of the day may be committed to endeavoring to recover misfortunes.

As Michael Shinzaki, another poker pro says:

"Most professions don't have inflexion points where one minor mistake can erase hours and days of acute focus. But if you are to accept the long-run nature of poker statistics, you are going to lose quite often if you play a lot”.


Event Dates Buy In
WPT Japan 2018 1 Sep - 17 Sep JPY 30,000
2018 APT Philippines Championships II 13 Sep - 24 Sep PHP 55,000
WPT Korea 2018 18 Sep - 24 Sep KRW 1,100,000
WPT Vietnam 2018 26 Sep - 4 Oct VND 22,000,000
Deltin Poker Tournament Xpress 27 Sep - 30 Sep INR 15,000
PokerStars Live Manila Super Series 9 1 Oct - 7 Oct PHP 10,000