Anant Purohit ships SSS Destiny tournament on Spartan

Posted On 16 Aug, 2018 0

Yesterday was the third day of the ongoing Spartan Super Series and this was the tournament that everyone had their eyes on. The INR 20 lakh GTD Destiny tournament was scheduled for 7:30pm IST and it was the final tournament of Destiny 5.0, where the ten winners will soon face off in the Destiny SnG finale for a chance to win a package trip to Europe.

SSS Event #14 Destiny INR 20 Lakh GTD had a buy-in of INR 5,500 and since it was a holiday marking the occasion of Independence Day in India, a huge participation was witnessed. 567 entries registered to the tournament and that saw the guarantee being crushed, creating a new prize pool of INR 28.35 lakh.

The top 50 players were paid out a minimum cash of INR 14,175 and the player who emerged on top of this mega field was Anant Purohit aka 'Pro', who walked away with the top prize of INR 7,37,100. INR 1 lakh will be deducted from his winnings as a ticket to the Destiny SnG Finale, where Purohit will battle it out for the trip to Europe.

Purohit would've been very pleased with this big win, even though he isn't new to winning big in online poker. Just last month, he won an IOPC title too, along with a Sunday SuperStack title in December last year. 'ajgamblerss' finished as the runners-up in this tournament, also taking home a massive prize of INR 4,53,600 for second place.

It was a very long grind and both these players reaped the benefits of staying up all night and reaching the end of the tournament. It was 4:10am today morning when the final hand was contested in Level #53, with the blinds at 20,000/40,000 - 4,000. ajgamblerss had conceded a very big chip deficit and it was only a matter of time before he lost to Purohit.

ajgamblerss went all-in pre-flop with pocket Fours and Purohit made the call with Kh Th. The board then opened Ks 7c 5s Ah 3c and the pair of Kings that the latter hit on the flop was good enough to help him take down the flop and win the Destiny title of the ongoing SSS. Finishing in 3rd was Vivek Rughani aka ‘pokerbatman27’ who took home over INR 2.6 lakh. Remember, Rughani recently finished 88th in the 2018 WSOP Main Event.

Gutshot caught up with Purohit after this win. He said, "It was a long awaited win for me as I wanted to win Destiny desperately, right from its first edition. I was really on positive side of the variance and was also playing my A-game which ended up in a really good result. In some of the hands, I was holding big pairs and was up against good draws which I somehow dodged and this resulted in a continuous increase in stack. Happily, FT wasn't that tough and except a few tough opponents including pokerbatman27 (Vivek Rughani), the others were easy to play with. Looking forward to playing the SnG with other winners."

Updated Day 3 SSS Leaderboard:

We will be putting up an article with a small bio of all the ten Destiny winners on Spartan, who will be facing off in the Destiny SnG Finale on 19th August. Keep reading for that article and for more updates on the Spartan Super Series.

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