Anurag Srivastava wins his first title of August SSS

Posted On 16 Aug, 2018 0

The Spartan Super Series (SSS) has been a great success so far, and we're still only through with the first 3 days of the series. The Spartan Poker hosted 5 more SSS tournaments yesterday, with varying buy-ins and varying prize pools on offer. SSS Day 3 began yesterday with the Electra tournament.

SSS #11 Electra INR 2.5 Lakh GTD had a buy-in of INR 800 and it kicked off at 2pm IST. A massive field of 427 entries registered to the tournament and the guarantee was beaten, with a new prize pool of INR 3,11,710 being generated. This was then shared among the top 36 players with a minimum cash prize of INR 2,026.

These tournaments have been attracting some of the best players in the online poker circuit, as everyone wants to finish on top of the SSS Leaderboard, where a total of INR 10 lakh is being awarded in prizes. Coming out on top of this particular tournament was none other than 'InvestmentBanker' Anurag Srivastava, who has been having a brilliant time in online poker of late.

The player has been a regular part of final tables on The Spartan Poker, won the Mega Stack a couple of weeks back and also won July's Hot Tournament Leaderboard on Spartan, which shows he can be a very consistent player. Here, he added INR 62,342 to his poker bankroll for shipping the Electra tournament.

Up against Srivastava in heads-up was 'Dhanraj Seth', who was facing a 1:4 chip deficit by the time they were ready for the final hand of the tournament, which took place in Level #39 when the blinds were running 20,000/40,000 - 4,000. Seth shoved all-in pre-flop with Ks 4c and Srivastava made the call with Qd Tc. Seth was ahead as the first four cards opened Jc 6c 9s 6h, but the Ts on the river gave Srivastava two pairs - Tens and Sixes, which was good enough to give him the pot and the Electra title. Dhanraj Seth won the runners-up prize of INR 43,639.

Keep reading for more updates on the August SSS series, where a total of 37 tournaments have been scheduled between 13-19 August.

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