Are you proud to call yourself a #Ladaaki?

Posted On 02 Mar, 2019 0

Spartan Poker is one of the fastest growing brands in the Indian online poker scene. The company has only seen growth since the time it has been established. The brand also, from time to time, gives back to society through its various donations, charity events and charity tournaments hosted on its platform, and much more.

Among these noteworthy initiatives, Spartan has increasingly involved itself in the cause for empowering women and helping them live their lives independently. This has been the focus of Spartan for a long time and to facilitate this, the brand has even partnered with Ishita Sharma and her ‘MukkaMaar’ foundation, an organization that helps women learn basic self-defence skills and offers free martial arts training.

Going in line with this, Spartan collaborated with another proud independent woman from the Bollywood industry, Kritika Kamra (pictured above). She features in a video where she talks about how women are subject to constant verbal digs in work environments and elsewhere. She mentions words like ‘Chalu’, ‘Khadoos’, ‘Ladaaki’, those often used by men to control women. Well, Karma firmly puts her foot down and calls herself a #ProudLadaaki and encourages other women to do so too. Here’s the complete video for you to see:

Ladaaki is someone who literally fights. Fights for her rights, for her place, for her piece of the pie, for others, for a better tomorrow, for equality, for democracy, for the future we deserve. Bollywood entities like Kamra taking up a cause like this is sure to inspire other young women from across the country. #MukkaMaar #ProudLadaaki #BeALadaaki #IAmALadaaki

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