Arjun Singh Kochhar wins The Flash at Spartan

Posted On 18 May, 2018 0

Thursday's featured tournament at The Spartan Poker was the 10L GTD Flash which saw Arjun Singh Kochhar who plays under the moniker ‘avengers906’ take down the title for INR 2,56,054. Kochhar outlasted 289 participants in the tournament where he defeated ‘pokerbill’ in heads-up battle. ‘pokerbill’ took the second place for INR 1,72,822. The participants crushed the original guarantee making it to INR 11,56,000 The prizepool was distributed to top 27 places with a min-cash of INR 11,560.


Speaking to GutshotMagazine, Kochhar said, “The Spartan Poker is super as the tourneys here have great formats and there is something to play daily post work hours. Playing the Flash has always been fun and finally winning it just feels amazing! The key hand yesterday was on the final table - I had KK vs 99 and he hit his set on the flop while I rivered the Kx to take it down. No real poker plans for the future- play when I can as it’s not a career choice... yet.”


In Level #40 with blinds running 12,000-24,000-3,000, the five long hour grind came to an end. avengers906 had Js Kd and pokerbill was holding Th Jd. The pre-flop match saw a raise from avengers906 to which pokerbill made a flat call. The flop came 7h 5s Kh, the raise and re-raise match starts here to see the turn 9c. both the players went all-in on fourth street to see the Ad on the river. The board gave a pair of Kings to avengers906 and the title.


The third week of May is coming to a close but there is still time to make your mark on the Spartan Hot Tournament Leaderboard Challenge. Maintaining his top spot is Vinay B aka Minimalist with 2,385 points. Following him is ThePokeRaja with 2,063 points. Don’t forget this Leaderboard challenge awards a sum of INR 15 Lakhs with INR 5 Lakhs to the eventual winner.



Event Dates Buy In
Pokerraj international - The 100 Series 19 Apr - 21 Apr $5,500
Asia Poker League (APL) Taiwan 20 Apr - 28 Apr NTD 22,000
APT Philippines 2019 24 Apr - 5 May PHP 55,000