Arsh Grover tops Week 4 of Spartan's Hot Tournament Leaderboard

Posted On 28 May, 2018 0

The month of May has maintained the heat of summer season and while the rest of us are looking forward to the cooling showers of the long awaited monsoon, poker players at The Spartan Poker have other thoughts occupying their mind. Earlier this month, introduced a tournament-centric promotion called ‘Hot Tournament Leaderboard’ challenge which is running all through the month of May. This leaderboard challenge features a mouth-watering INR 15 Lakhs in cash prizes to the distributed to the top 10. The only way to be eligible to earn points on this leaderboard is participation in every day’s featured tournament at The Spartan Poker. While the 10th place finisher takes home INR 20,000, the leaderboard winner is guaranteed a super payday of INR 5 Lakhs! The Hot Leaderboard started from 1 May and will continue till the end of the month.


It's Arsh Grover who has made a comeback to take the lead with 3,572 points putting Vinay B ‘Minimalist’ into second place now with 3,306 points. It will boost up the heat as just four days remain for the completion of the Hot Tournament Leaderboard challenge. He might be almost 200 points ahead of Vinay B but Grover cannot afford to get complacent there are still plenty of featured tournaments left in these last few days of the challenge.


We will bring you the final report on the culmination of this challenge this Friday when the winner of the Hot Leaderboard Challenge will be announced. Stay tuned to for that final update and a reveal as to who wins that massive INR 5 lakhs first prize!


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