Best Starting Hands in Pot Limit Omaha

Posted On 14 Jul, 2018 0

Before we dive into this, make sure that you adjust your starting hands from No Limit Hold’em. It’s imperative that you do so because the difference between PLO and No Limit Hold’em is massively underestimated!

For example, in Hold’em a hand like pocket queens is considered an extremely strong hand, however, in PLO, a hand like Q Q 8 3 is a very weak hand and should almost never be played. In PLO many hand combinations have an extremely high chance of winning pre-flop as compared to hold’em.

Below we’ve listed the best 30 starting hands in Pot Limit Omaha, all of which are double suited. Also, before you start playing Omaha, make sure you fully understand Omaha Rules. Check out the best starting hands in Omaha:

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