Bill Perkins to open India-based streaming house

Posted On 07 Mar, 2019 0

Online streamer and respected community entity Bill Perkins is well-known for hosting a poker-centric show on his Twitch channel called ‘The Thirst Lounge’. The show focusses primarily on poker and everything concerning the mind sport. Many accomplished online players like Jamie Staples and Jeff Gross feature in the show from time to time.

Perkins is also known to offer prop bets to poker players which are usually aimed at losing weight, healthy living, etc. Jamie Staples and his brother Matt Staples accepted Perkins’ weight loss challenge and subsequently earned $100k. Jamie Kerstetter, another known poker player, recently accepted Perkins’ prop bet to eat vegan food only for a year.

Perkins, a couple days ago, tweeted from his Twitter account ‘Bill Perkins (Guy)’ that he is looking for players based in India who also regularly stream on their games online. Here’s his full tweet for you to read:

Several notables responded to his tweet including PokerStars Team Pros Aditya Agarwal and Muskan Sethi. They both mentioned that this would be an awesome initative. Here’s their tweet.

Others to respond to Perkins’ tweet were Goonjan Mall, Nikhil Segel, Sharad Rao, Vivek Rughani and Aditya Sushant. Goonjan Mall is already a streamer and was also recently doing the unofficial commentary for PokerBaazi Game Changer INR 2 Crores GTD. Mall responded to Perkins’ tweet saying the following:

Sharad Rao, one of the 8 Indian winners of the PSPC Platinum Passes, also replied to Perkins’ tweet. Rao is already an accomplished online player who also streams his games from time to time. He elaborated on Perkins’ question and said the following:

India’s first WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant playfully quoted the iconic Godfather dialogue saying:

The idea of an India-based streaming house as a counterpart to Perkins’ already existing Thirst Lounge is an exciting development. Perkins’ has opened opportunities for streaming online video content for the Indian scenario. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube, etc. are a great resource for content, an important aspect of the poker world. Content creation was also termed as an ‘important part’ of the poker scenario at SPiCE Gaming Conference recently.

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