‘BolAuntyAuKya’ is March Millionaire on Spartan

Posted On 12 Mar, 2018 0

Every second Sunday of the month is a big night for poker lovers across the country as TheSpartanPoker hosts its signature Millionaire tournament on this day with a mammoth prize of INR 20 Lakhs to 1st place and INR 10 Lakhs to 2ndplace for a buy-in of INR 5,500.‘BolAuntyAuKya’ emerged victorious in last night’s Millionaire tournament for INR 20,00,000. ‘BolAuntyAuKya’ outlasted 1,418 entries in total to claim the first-place prize in the tournament and defeated ‘Eureka123’ in the heads-up battle. The runner-up ‘Eureka123’ collected INR 10,42,230 for the second-place finish.

‘BolAuntyAuKya’ recently won an India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) side event as well as the Little Big Series Main Event, both at TheSpartanPoker.com. Speaking about the tournament win, ‘BolAuntyAuKya’ said, “I was chip leading throughout the tournament when 15 were left, I tried to keep it that way. I picked up the spots which I thought would go through and kept my focus on the gold. About my key hands or crucial hands; most important were the two flips which I won putting my tournament life at stake. There was a spot where I had Queens vs Ace-King and the next I had Ace-King vs Queens.” 

Commenting about TheSpartanPoker, ‘BolAuntyAuKya’ said, “TheSpartanPoker is a good platform and of great value to any tournament player of India and their promotions keep getting better.” Sharing an encouraging message for the upcoming players, “Just sharing my bit to those aspiring players that never stop believing in yourself and failure can never overtake you if our determination to succeed is strong enough. There is no substitute for hard work. People think poker is easy and it’s the best way to make a quick buck, but it never is. Lastly, I’d like to thank all those people again who supported me and wished well for me.”

The final hand of the tournament was in Level #55 with blinds running 90,000-180,000-22,500 where both the heads-up opponents went pre-flop all-in. ‘BolAuntyAuKya’ had Js Ac and ‘Eureka123’ had Ah 3d. The showdown was 4d 9s 4h 9h Jc which gave two pairs, Jacks and Nines to ‘BolAuntyAuKya’ and the Millionaire title.


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