Deb Mondal earns 10+ Lakhs for cracking Spartan Silver BBJ

Posted On 17 Apr, 2019 0

Have you ever had the misfortune of losing with an Aces full house? There are only a few hands that can beat this, either a higher full house, quads, straight flush or the royal flush. Since getting beaten with Aces full is rare, the agony the poor victim must face is also proportionately intense.

Spartan Poker, always the innovator, had announced Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) promotion, which includes giving away prizes to the player who got the bad beat. The promotion has already started on the platform and will run till 29th April 2019. Over INR 45 Lakhs is kept aside for BBJ, which includes 3 tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold according to cash table blinds.

The Silver BBJ has been cracked. In a 10/20 cash table that happened on Spartan today, at 2.26 pm, Debabrata Mondal aka ‘neerajking’ saw himself winning an enormous amount of INR 10,05,788. There were 6 players on the table, out of which only Mondal and ‘Versus18’ were involved in the fateful hand.

On the fully revealed board of 2s 6s 2c As Qh, Mondal went all-in with Ac Ad and Versus18 called with 2d 2h. The pot obviously went to the latter, who won it with Quad Deuces, but it was overshadowed by the humongous BBJ amount and as is the structure of this promotion, Versus18 won INR 5,02,726, and others on the table, ‘RuhaniS’, ‘Ganpati’, ‘Lisse’ and ‘Digital India’ won INR 84,843 each.

Gutshot got in touch with Mondal, who was only thinking of ways to spend his overflowing bank account. After his excitement levelled to a point where he could form a coherent sentence, he said, “Spartan's BBJ is a great initiative for players who narrowly miss out on the pot. I know the feeling when a player is busted with an Aces full house, and he/she can't do anything about it since the poker gods have decided to have some fun. Spartan, with this promotion, has circumvented the gods themselves and have offered a great return to these bad beat players and I'm happy to be one of them.

The bronze tier in BBJ was also cracked today at 12.38 am on Spartan. ‘mujhematroko1’ won this one for INR 26,213, losing the pot with Aces full of Nines against Aces full of Kings. Keep reading for more such promotional results and for general poker news from around the world.

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