'Exhaust' captures Spartan DareDevil title

Posted On 28 Oct, 2018 0

The weekend grind is well and truly on at The Spartan Poker with the ongoing Little Big Series (LBS) adding an extra kick to the proceedings. Coupled with the ongoing series is the featured tournament which takes place daily at Spartan. Last night's feature was the DareDevil, a popular format where busted players get to re-enter at a 50% discount on the original buy-in of INR 4,400. Needless to say, this tournament draws plenty of participation from the regs and noobs alike and last night one those regs in 'Exhaust' lay claim to the title and top prize.

75 players took part last night and made enough and more entries to take the prizepool past its 6 Lakhs guarantee to settle at INR 6,14,000. The top 9 finishers of the tournament would make it to the money while the rest would have to take a shot at some other event to make a score. Finishing on the right side of the money bubble was Sagar 'Strangeplay' Choudhury who got INR 19,955 for his 9th place finish. Other familiar names finishing in the money included 'HomelessOnWiFi' getting 33,770 for 7th place and LBS Event #8 winner Pranjal 'lilmessipranjal' Gandhi (INR 49,120 for 5th). 

Once 'Anteman's' Ace high flush dispatched 'ShippingYard's' Queens in 3rd place (INR 85,960), it was time for Anteman and Exhaust to battle it out for the title. It all came to an end rather quickly with Exhaust holding a lead of less than 50k when the final hand took place. Holding a pretty solid Ace (Td Ah), Anteman raised it only to get reraised by Exhaust (Kd Qd). It was an action-filled flop of Jd Tc 7s where both players caught a piece.

With his opened draw, Exhaust fired out 165k (15,000/30,000 ante 3,000) which Anteman flatted with his mid-pair. Both players got the best and worst card respectively on the turn As. Anteman turned two pair while Exhaust completed his straight. Another bullet of 322k fired by Exhaust which was called by Anteman. All the chips went in on the river 4s and that was that with Exhaust's straight taking down the Aces and Tens of his opponent for the pot and title. Exhaust won a sum of INR 1,81,130 while runner-up Anteman took home INR 1,15,125.

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