Four players win iPhone XS from Spartan

Posted On 14 Oct, 2018 0

The ongoing edition of the Spartan Super Series (SSS) has seen a lot of winners being crowned so far. 37 tournaments spread across seven days meant a chance for everyone to win but this time, there was more on offer from The Spartan Poker. This time, players can win even without finishing in the money.

The ongoing edition of the series is called the SSS - XS Edition. Are you wondering why? For those of you who don't know yet, Spartan came out with a new offering this series, whereby the one player with the maximum number of re-entries in the daily featured tournaments would be rewarded with a brand-new iPhone XS.

The iPhone XS is one of Apple's latest smartphones that seems to have captured the market at the moment, with its day-long battery life, gorgeous OLED screen and smooth performance. A perfectly sized phone which is usable in one hand, the iPhone XS seems to be the perfect gift to those players who have fired many bullets in a featured tournament on Spartan.

Of course, the promotion didn't apply to the first day of the series as the featured tournament on that day was the Mega Freeze (Freezeout tournament). On Day 2 however, was SSS Event #9 Mega Stack INR 17 lakh GTD. Here, Pratap Reddy aka 'PRATAP. B' fired the maximum bullets and became the first player to win the iPhone XS form Spartan under this promotion.

On Day 3 of the series, it was Ankush Aryan aka 'invinciblewolf' who spent a hefty amount on re-entries at SSS Event #14 Destiny INR 25 lakh GTD. Following him was 'karanmangla' who won the iPhone in SSS Event #19 The Flash INR 15 lakh GTD and the fourth winner was 'Boller' who won it in SSS Event #25 The Elite HighRoller.

All four winners will be contacted by Spartan and their iPhones will be sent out shortly. However, as per the promotion, players will also have the chance of cashing in money in place of the gift. Keep reading to know who the rest of the winners are.

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