Freeroll Poker: Good for the Long Run or Waste of Time?

Posted On 08 Mar, 2018 0

Let’s start off by quoting the classic phrase heard across various genres of sport, ‘Practice makes perfect’. Irrespective of the game you’re playing, you need to put in the effort and you need a lot of practice! Same goes for poker. Why do people discriminate there? In this article we’ll find out how practicing freeroll poker game online will help you in the long run.

Practicing it online or offline?

Would you ever want to join a poker table not knowing the basic terms i.e jargon and hand strengths? No, right? But once you’ve learned the game, how much you can actually improve when playing at the big boys table will leave you shocked. That’s right! Practicing poker can actually improve your game. It’s better if you practice it online since they use an RNG (Random Number Generator) so the odds of you using your skill rather than cursing your luck are higher.

Learn from your mistakes without losing it.

Learn from your mistake and try to improve your game with every hand. You can hone your skills by playing as many free tournaments as you like. The key is to keep your calm. Remember there’s no real money involved here, all you’re losing is the virtual money. Even if you empty your entire bankroll after building it, don’t lose your head. You can always register in the next tournament and start building again.

Extra reps

One thing that free practice poker does give you is repetitions. Just like shooting free throws repetitively in basketball helps you create muscle memory, the more poker hands you play the better your brain reflexes get. The only way to excel at this game is by putting in those extra hours and practicing the different type of hands.

Try other Poker games

Don’t just stick to No Limit Texas Hold’em, try other games as well. Like Omaha, Pineapple, Razz, Stud etc which will overall improve your game at Hold’em. Analyzing these plays and getting the basic idea will help you better yourself. Experiment and learn, that’s what poker is all about.

Poker Personality

Poker practices for free will allow you to study the types of poker players at a table. For example, some are bluffers, some like to intimidate, some are slow players and some are conservative. By playing for free you’ll be able to see where you fall and what fits best for your personality.

Don’t just cut your teeth in money events without first putting in those hours. Don’t try your luck, as many people do. “Practice makes perfect” – there wouldn’t be any pros without it!

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