‘ft83’ and ‘king is back’ win 2.o.K on Spartan

Posted On 09 Apr, 2018 0

One of the most awaited dates for an Indian poker player is the first Sunday of every month where TheSpartanPoker hosts their marquee tournament called Two of a Kind a.k.a ‘2.o.K’. This tournament quickly become a player favourite for its unique giveaway. TheSpartanPoker is the only site in India which gives out INR 15 Lakhs each for 1st and 2nd place finishers on a buy-in of INR 5,500. Last night's Two of a Kind tournament saw a total of 840 entries which made up a massive prizepool of INR 42 Lakhs. Top 70 places got a share of the prizepool with a min-cash of INR 7,560. 

The champions that emerged at the end of this tournament were ‘ft83’ and ‘king is back’ who took home that sweet top prize of 15 Lakhs each after a long grind of over 10 hours! The player who took third place was ‘9high’ who had to settle for a very healthy payday of  INR 4,62,000. The last hand of the tournament in Level #56 (100,000-200,000-25,000) saw the blinds get posted. ‘ft83’ (3d Ah) versus ‘king is back’ (4h 6c) versus ‘9high’ (9d 8h) at the table when the finale began. ‘9high’ shoves pre-flop to which ‘king is back’ folds and ‘ft83’ calls the bet. The showdown saw Ad 6h 9c Kh 7c which gave ‘9high’ a pair of Nines but were no good against Aces for 'ft83'. 

Along with 2.o.K, TheSpartanPoker also hosts one of their Sunday feature tournaments called Super Stack featuring a buy-in of INR 5,500 guaranteeing INR 20 Lakhs. From this too, first place payout is a guaranteed INR 5 Lakhs. Last night saw a previous big winner Kranthi 'Milds' Kiran (who has won the Destiny SnG Finale in the past ) taking down the title for INR 5,30,000. It was a big night on TheSpartanPoker.com as many players walked away with big prizes! 

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