Gobind Chandra Singh wins SSS Big Daddy tournament

Posted On 17 Sep, 2018 0

It would've been nice to report that 'TWENTY_29_NINE' went on to ship Event #29 of the Spartan Super Series (SSS), but unfortunately, that tournament was won by Abhineet Jain just a day back. TWENTY_29_NINE, however, went on to win SSS Event #34 Big Daddy INR 10 Lakh GTD yesterday.

It was the final day of the recent edition of the SSS and being a Sunday, there were quite a few high-guarantee tournaments taking place, with plenty of prizes on offer. One such tournament was the Big Daddy tournament, one of the most popular tournaments on The Spartan Poker.

It is popular because the winner takes away winnings from a massive prize pool, in addition to an INR 30,000 package trip to play poker in the Big Daddy poker room in Goa. All this is available every Sunday, at a low buy-in; yesterday’s being just INR 1,100. Last night, this tournament was shipped by Gobind Chandra Singh aka 'TWENTY_29_NINE'.

The player topped an overwhelming field of 967 entries to take away the top prize of INR 1,78,750 to go with a trip to Goa, where he can play poker and try to multiply his winnings. The guarantee of the tournament was increased for the SSS, so Singh chose a right time to ship the tournament.

The top 81 players shared the prize pool with a minimum prize of INR 3,150, but Singh took away the biggest prize of all. He beat a packed field and finally, eliminated 'Basket' in heads-up, who won the runner-up prize of INR 1,28,750. Basket is also a previous winner in the series, winning Event #4 Mega Freeze on the opening day of the series.

Gutshot caught up with Gobind Chandra Singh, the 29-year old player from Kolkata. The B.Tech graduate is into business and was introduced to poker by his good friend and mentor Sahil 'antilog' Agarwal. His journey started with Zynga Poker before entering the real money poker world. He discovered Celeb Poker and started playing Freerolls there. He even managed to ship 2-3 Freerolls for $50 but never really got to encash it.

Talking about his real-money poker journey, he said, “Eventually we started playing a lot of home games with buy-ins as small as 100 and 0.5/1 blinds. We played almost every day for around 4-6 hours during our graduation days and it continued for around 3years. Then came Pokerstars, I played there for a good amount of time but due of lack of experience and knowledge about the game, most of my money and time got drained. I have been on and off with poker over the years. I was a part of IPP stable for a brief period and got to learn a lot from few of the best in the industry and that experience helped me bring discipline to my game which I always lacked.”

He then spoke about yesterday’s SSS tournament itself, saying, “It did take some discipline and patience with some luck at key moments to finish at the top. I hovered around the average stack mark most of the tournament. With the blind levels set @7mins, it was a bit of a challenge to maintain a decent stack size throughout. Final table was very interesting as the guy with the chip lead was sweeping the table and I didn't have to do much to reach heads up. I was being dominated by a 5:1 chip lead but I knew if I kept my patience, things would turn around. After a good 71 hands battle which lasted for roughly 15mins, KK took down Q9 to end the tournament.”

After a big tournament win, players always start thinking what’s next. We asked Singh about the same, to which he said, “Well, the Poker Gods have been very kind to me for the past 2 months as I have taken the final table 5 times and shipped 3 times. The other 2 times I finished runner-up. If things go well in the upcoming months, I would love to go to play live tournaments in Goa.” Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for all similar updates on the biggest poker tournaments in India.

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