Hameed and Sharma among winners on SVS Day 2

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The on-going Spartan Value Series (SVS) hosted by Spartan Poker wrapped up Day 2 of the series. Various newcomers along with poker pros have illuminated the tournament so far. Last evening saw another 5 winners walking away with their first-place prize money and here is a complete summary of SVS Day 2…

SVS Event #6 INR 35K GTD

The buy-ins won’t get lower than this and each entry had to put only INR 110 to be a part of this event. 444 players registered in the tournament. The guaranteed amount surpassed and a prize pool of INR 44k was created to be shared among the top 23 places, each of them receiving a minimum amount of INR 515. Coming on the top of the field and increasing his poker bankroll was ‘DamagedDrmzz’ as he managed to take down the title after beating ‘Sigmund’ in heads-up who eventually settled for the runner-up position. Both players settle for a deal with ‘DamagedDrmzz’ carrying a larger stack took the title yesterday evening.

SVS Event #7 INR 55K GTD

The second tournament of the day had a slightly bigger buy-in of INR 330 attracting a total number of 150 players. The top 11 remaining players were paid out with a minimum amount of INR 1,375. But ‘Gladiator007’ had his eyes set for the prize and nothing less. He outlasted the field to earn an SVS title the first-place prize money.

In Level #23 (1,750/3,500) 3 players were a part of the final hand. Gladiator (2d 9s 7c Th) leading with 350k chips while his opponents ‘Apna11’ (9c 7h 3h 4h) with 221k chips and ‘kood’ (4d Qs 9d 3c) having the lowest stack of 177k. ‘kood’ checks on flop Td Kc Qc while ‘Gladiator’ bets 3,500 holding his two pair QQTT and eventually, 2 out of 3 players fold. All 3 settle for a deal, carrying a larger stack ‘Gladiator’ took the first-place prize money.

SVS Event #8 INR 35k GTD

207 entries registered in the third tournament of the day, each paying the INR 165 buy-in. Once again, the prize pool was shared by the top 15 positions, each receiving a min-cash of INR 630. Topping the field and emerging champion for his efforts was Abdul Hameed aka ‘Poker freekzz’. As for the runner-up position, it went to 'ace_bob'.

With blinds at 8,000/16,000 in Level #32, Hameed (Qh 7s Ad 3d) leading with 954k chips against ‘ace_bob’ (Ts Ah 7c Tc) with 80k chips. Pre-flop, ‘ace_bob’ goes all in and got a call of 48k from Hameed. With turn 6d the chip leader confidently shoved his flush with Ace high and the opponent lost holding his single pair TT. Eventually, Hameed added a significant title to his poker cabinet.

SVS Event #9 INR 1.5 Lakhs GTD

A total of 200 players entered the tournament for a buy-in of INR 770. The prize pool was later shared among the top 20 places, each receiving a minimum paycheck of INR 2,010. The player of the evening was ‘kaamchor’ who emerged victoriously.

In Level #25 (2,500/5,000) 3 players enter the final hand, ‘kaamchor’ (Ks 9h Jc Kc) leading with 685k chips followed by ‘Nastyboy’ (6h 4s 8c Kh) with 158k chips and ‘k himura’ (Kd 3c Ac 2c) with 156k chips. Pre-flop, 3 out of 1 player folds, ‘kaamchor’ bets 37k while ‘k himura’ calls on 9d Qc 4c flop. Js turn made no difference for the former who continues to bet 112k holding a stronger hand while the opponent playing-slow eventually folds. A 3-way deal was made and ‘kaamchor’ walked away with handsome prize money.

SVS Event #10 Hi-Fi –PLO Special INR 4.5 Lakhs

The Hi-Fi is a regular feature of the SVS series so far. It has been the final tournament on each day so far and here, 319 entries each paid the INR 1,650 buy-in to take the prize pool all the way up to INR 4.78 Lakhs. The guaranteed was crushed and a prize pool of INR 4.78 Lakhs was created to be shared among the top 31 places receiving a minimum amount of INR4,210. Last night’s tournament was shipped by Arun Sharma aka ‘Notoriousme_69’ who took the home enormous prize money.

With blinds at (9,000/18,000) in Level #33, 4 players were a part of the final hand, Sharma (7h 8s 4h 5c) leading with 1.2 million chips and Faiz Alam aka ‘DrStrange’ (Kc Th Td 6c) with 1 million chips, ‘IwillShovE’ (Jd Kd Ah 6h) with 715k chips. 4 out of 3 players fold, ultimately a deal was made among them with Sharma carrying a larger stack took the title yesterday evening.

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