How to learn to play Poker from videos

Posted On 23 Dec, 2018 0

Learning Poker could be a bit stressful for the new learners of the game especially if the learner is at the beginning stage with least information about the game; but, relax.

At Gutshot, you get solutions to all your Poker questions, and here, in this blog we aim to help you understand how you can benefit the most from Poker video tutorials. Poker training sites came in attention because of their potential to spread wide effectiveness of learning Poker through online mediums.

For most people, books work more than the videos but most of the mass tends to consume interesting visuals in form of videos and can grasp it faster. Another benefit that Poker video training tutorials bring to the table is that of lesser time consumption, with fun video content and entertaining methodology induced with the essentials of Poker training, it offers the learner an intensive way of learning

effective use of video media to teach poker concepts. The format became the most popular way to learn poker from then on, in part because it surpassed boundaries that books couldn't, and in part because they could combine poker learning with entertainment. Successful or well-known players quickly began filling this market, and there now exist many poker training videos for free and for purchase.

Videos are great because they can be effective learning tools for many different types of learners, and because there are so many options. The variety available means you can easily find something appealing to you - there is something out there for virtually any concept, and for all skill levels. Plus, there are a number of free resources out there such as on Twitch, so if you don't have a big bankroll, you should still be able to find things within your budget that will still be useful to you.

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APT Taiwan 2019 20 Feb - 3 Mar TWD 33,000
New Caledonia Poker Open 2019 26 Feb - 8 Mar XPF 110,000
Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Jeju 2019 2 Mar - 9 Mar HKD 2,000,000
Two of a Kind (March) 3 Mar - 3 Mar INR 5,500
Adda52 Godfather 7.0 Finale 3 Mar - 3 Mar INR 70,000 (Ticket)
The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) 2 6 Mar - 11 Mar INR 26,000