Indian Cricketers who rewrote their own destinies

Posted On 13 Oct, 2018 0

India, the land of Bollywood, Indian food and Cricket have a long list of Rags to Riches when it comes to struggle in the history of its citizens ever so. One such professional field in the country which enjoys name and fame, both on a large scale for the longest time that the game is has been living in the country is, Cricket.

But, it’s a world known fact that as much as the sport has given to its players, it has also demanded struggle and hard work at their extreme in the initial phase of any cricketer’s life. This article is an establishment of the stories of Indian cricketers who rose from ashes to the sky through hard work, perseverance and humility. 

Let’s have a look at a few of such inspirational stories below.

Ravindra Jadeja- ‘Sir Jadeja’, being named by the entire nation with utter love and respect, young Ravindra did not have a past so simple as gaining training from top cricket training institutes or even supporting basic cricket amenities as his father was a Security guard earning only enough to feed the family and not being able to fuel Ravindra’s passion for cricket. But, as history says, Ravindra went on to make his name and fame not just nationally but internationally as well!

Zaheer Khan- A little boy who resided in a hospital room without enough food or sleep supplies as basic as pillows or blankets who went on to make a remarkable progress in the game of cricket with his bull’s eye shots is Zaheer Khan, popularly known as ‘Zak’ among his fans.

Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan- Pathan brothers famous for their Power Hitting and Swing Bowling respectively definitely did not have a childhood of luxury. Having spent most of their childhood living in a mosque due to lack of a shelter of their own, nobody must’ve had anticipated that the siblings would grow up to own various real estates and brands over their name

Munaf Patel- Famous for his cricket skills in a tiny village that he hailed from, Munaf Patel was barely able to sustain even the basic practice amenities for professional cricket. Munaf’s father was a labourer and to help him with the finances, little Munaf himself ended up working as a child labour in a factory

Hardik Patel- Unlike a star kid, Hardik Patel suffered the lack of luxury of having his sweet time to practice his own way before ending up on the main pitch as he and his cricket loving brother Krunal had to play at many small tournaments to earn the extra cash to support their family when their father suffered multiple strokes and the family was running in financial losses.

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