Isaac Haxton wins Poker Masters Event #4

Posted On 12 Sep, 2018 0

The 2018 Poker Masters is the biggest live poker series taking place around the world at the moment, jointly hosted by Poker Central and the Aria Resort and Casino. The action has been taking place daily at the PokerGO Studio since 7th September, with three high-stakes events already having completed in Las Vegas.

Everyone is not only playing for the big tournament winnings at stake, but also for the prestigious Purple Jacket that will go to the player with the most amount of points at the end of the series. With three final tables (including a win) in three events, Brandon Adams was rightly on top of the standings before the start of Event #4: $10,000 Short Deck Poker.

This is a format of the game which is becoming very popular across the globe and just 5.5 hours after it began, we had a winner in Isaac Haxton, US high-stakes professional who has over $19 million in live poker cashes. Here, he also recorded his third final table appearance in the series, while Adams didn't feature on this one.

Adams didn't score any points in this event, and now, Haxton is just 30 points behind him on the standings, with the race really heating up at the moment. Haxton beat a field of 55 entries in this tournament, including beating countryman Maurice Hawkins in heads-up, for which he took away the top prize of $176,000 (~INR 1.28 crore).

Final table standings:

  1. Isaac Haxton - $176,000
  2. Maurice Hawkins - $115,500
  3. Ryan Tosoc - $77,000
  4. Andrew Robl - $55,000
  5. Cary Katz - $44,000
  6. Dominik Nitsche - $33,000

"I played my first hand of Short Deck yesterday. As the blinds got higher, I started to learn a little more and I was just all in a lot over the last thirty hands," said Haxton after this victory in the 2018 Poker Masters. Keep reading for an update on all the rest of the tournaments in this series.

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