Jake Cody Puts Entire Tournament Winnings on Roulette

Posted On 01 Mar, 2018 0

English poker pro Jake Cody recently created headlines for doing something that very few people would have the guts to do. No, the headline was not that he shipped the partypoker UK Championships £2,200 High Roller tournament, but it was the fact that he gambled all of his tournament winnings on the roulette table, moments later.

Yesterday, we reported news of Chris Brice winning the Main Event for £187,500, but that wasn't the only event taking place at the time. A £2,200 buy-in high roller event was also taking place, which was won by Jake Cody, earning £42,670 ($59,393) for the first-place finish.

Most would've been happy with their win and would've gone home with a smile on their face. However, that wasn't the case for Cody. A little adrenaline rush saw Cody take his tournament winnings and head straight to the roulette table in Nottingham, where he bet all his winnings on black.

For those who know roulette, you will know that betting on any colour is a 50-50 shot which means he brought his winnings of nearly $60k to a 'double or nothing' stage. This was Cody's biggest win since an EPT win in 2014, where he bagged $215,060 and clearly just $60k wasn't enough for him.

The crowd waited in suspense as the ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ casino owner Rob Yong did the honours of spinning the ball. The crowd started chanting 'Black! Black! Black' and that's exactly what happened, with the ball rolling into Black 22. This meant that Cody doubled his winnings of £42,670 to £85,340 and we're sure he would've used some of that money to celebrate later that night!

Here's a video of how it all happened:

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