Jeep Compass up for grabs in 'Dangal Summer Fest'

Posted On 07 May, 2019 0

Isn't it everyone's dream to one day own a vehicle like the Jeep Compass? Just to help you realize that dream, PokerDangal has launched a new cash promotion wherein you can win plenty of prizes including shopping vouchers, electronics, poker packages, bikes, cars and of course, the Jeep Compass!

The 'Dangal Summer Fest' goes live on 7th May and will run for a couple of months until 7th July 2019 so there's plenty of time for not one, but for a handful of players to walk away with the top prizes. You can start winning from as little as 200 Dangal Points, while the mega prize of Jeep Compass is at 1,75,000 Dangal Points.

PokerDangal is just giving you some added incentive to grind for longer hours this summer on their cash tables. While the first few prizes are rewards worth just around 21% cashback, the more volume you put in, the more rewarding it gets, as the cashback percentage keeps getting better. If you do manage to grind your way to the Jeep, it's a 120% cashback prize!

So, let's not waste any more time. Log in or register to PokerDangal right away and begin earning some Dangal Points as the Dangal Summer Fest has already begun. A user can either claim cash or the equivalent prize after completing a particular step, so there's that added flexibility for you.

Dangal Points accumulated can be converted for direct cash chips starting from 200 Dangal Points, for which you can receive an Amazon/Flipkart voucher worth Rs.300. 5,000 Dangal Points could get you an Echo Dot worth Rs.9,000 while 80,000 Dangal Points could see you becoming the owner of a fast BMW G 310 GS worth over Rs.4 Lakh! This and much more only PokerDangal.

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Event Dates Buy In
APT Taiwan 2019 9 Oct - 20 Oct TBD
WSOP Europe 2019 13 Oct - 2 Nov €10,350
WPT India 2019 15 Oct - 21 Oct INR 55,000
Asia Open Poker Tour 2019 1 Nov - 4 Nov TBD