Journalist Nikhil Kalro launches 'Altletics' fantasy sports

Posted On 30 May, 2019 0

Someone who is aware of the Indian sports and gaming industry will know that there has been massive growth in fantasy sports in India and everyone with a little bit of funding and of course, knowledge of the game, has tried to get into the business in recent months. The latest portal to emerge is 'Altletics' which literally translates to 'Alternative Athletics'.

After working as a sports journalist for a number of years and also being a former employee at industry giant ESPNcricinfo, Nikhil Kalro decided to use his expertise in a slightly different way, launching fantasy sports portal Altletics just in time for the ICC 2019 World Cup which begins today at 3pm IST.

The Bengaluru-based company is targetting those users who would like to be a part of smaller fantasy cricket leagues with smaller entry fees, while also promising the best gaming experience in the market. Greater cash bonuses are also expected on this portal which increases a users' chance of winning big on this platform.

Dedicated mobile apps are yet to be launched but this will roll out soon in the future, while also an added range of fantasy sports offerings apart from just cricket. Gutshot caught up with the man behind this new fantasy sports platform to ask him about his target audience and how he plans on differing himself from the likes of industry leader Dream11 and others.

He said, “Our priority is to target users who prefer to play fantasy for free. That’s more than half the market. A lot of fantasy operators are serving this user base, but they’re not prioritising them, primarily because they don’t have to. We want our users to play fantasy for the fun of engaging with a real-world match. And they’re rewarded for it: users can win cash bonuses without paying an entry fees by playing in contests with sizes of 2, 3 and 5, which isn’t available in India. Most free-to-play contests have a size of more than 1000, which reduces the probability of fans winning. Users can play real-money contests too and win large amounts like any other fantasy portal."

Talking about how he plans on keeping afloat with the competition, Kalro said, "We’re also attempting to adopt an undercutting pricing approach by setting entry fees much lower than most other operators. While others give discounts by increasing the price, we just have a much lower price point and then offer discounts through cash bonuses. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel in terms of product innovation, but just serve our users by focusing on the small, simple things that they really care about.“

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