Junheng Situ triumphed the 2019 WPT Japan Main Event

Posted On 18 Sep, 2019 0

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is currently shining in the Asia Swing. Marking the end of WPT Vietnam, WPT Japan saw the second stop on the tour (September 15th-17th, 2019) at Gajoen Hotel, Tokyo. The South-Eastern region has been observing a great number of events this September.

The WPT Japan Main Event saw a total number of 541 players all set to battle. The event was played to secure WPT passports worth thousands of dollars, which can guarantee entry to any WPT event around the world. A range of starting flights (Day 1A-1G) took place at different locations with players hopping from one place to another.

Gradually Day 1 kicked-off at Gajoen Hotel. The tournament’s Day 2 saw 86 survivors from a total field of 265. The chip leader Hiroki Nakagawa carried a stack of 314,300 to the final table. All eyes were stuck at the $33,000 WPT passports.

One of the prominent players, Shingo Endo who took the last title of WPT Japan, was among the top 27 remaining players bagging 375,000 chips, as the field eventually narrowed down on Day 2. The showdown battle began quickly cutting down the field to 9 remaining, all set to grab their prizes with a minimum payout of $1,000 WPT passport.

Gradually it was Keito Morimoto, Osame Shishime and Junheng Situ appearing on the final table. Situ finally doubled back to level the chips. In the final hand of the tournament, Situ’s straight at the flop led to him taking down the trophy.

Final Table payouts:

  1. Junheng Situ - $13,000 WPT Passport
  2. Osamu Shishime - $7,000 WPT Passport
  3. Keita Morimoto - $3,000 WPT Passport
  4. Eiichi Kamagata - $3,000 WPT Passport
  5. Ping Liu - $2,000 WPT Passport
  6. Takeshi Takahashi - $2,000 WPT Passport
  7. Takahisa Yasuta - $1,000 WPT Passport
  8. Jundai Kato - $1,000 WPT Passport
  9. Shigenaga Yasuda - $1,000 WPT Passport

The World Poker Tour doesn’t end here, WPT Korea is about to begin quite soon (September 20th-23rd, 2019). Pull yourself together to witness the greatest tournament and keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more updates.

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