Kartik 'TheInternetKid' wins The Elite on SSS Day 5

Posted On 17 Jun, 2018 0

Day 5 of the Spartan Super Series (SSS) once again created a number of guarantee crushing prizepools and the biggest of the lot was courtesy the headliner of the day i.e. The Elite which had INR 35 Lakhs GTD on offer for the players. That prizepool was crushed to finally end up well over INR 45 Lakhs! The player who took away the lion's share of that prizepool was Kartik 'TheInternetKid' Ved who claimed the title and INR 10.86 Lakhs for first place.

The Elite featured a buy-in of INR 27,500 and 149 entries came together to make up the eventual prizepool of INR 45,25,000. The field eventually got whittled down to two players and Ved's heads-up opponent was another live and online reg in Mumbai-based pro Kanishka 'Wildflower' Samant. By the time the final hand rolled around, Ved had a commanding lead of 3.7 million chips as compared to Samant's 727k. Being a bit card dead, Samant was looking to double up with any two reasonable cards and he found that in a suited Kh 4h. Unfortunately for him, Ved woke up with pocket Tens and had no hesitation in calling. While the board of Qs 7d Jc 2h 4s did give Samant a pair, it was not the one he was looking for and with that he ended up in second place for a payday of INR 7,37,575 while Ved claimed victory in this Highroller event of the SSS.
Here's the full list of winners of SSS Day 5:-
SSS Event #22 3 Lac Gtd (550 R+A) - 'supersaiyan' - INR 72,000
SSS Event #23 2.4 Lac Gtd (770 RE) - 'invincibewolf' - INR 60,469
SSS Event #24 24 2 Lac Gtd (1100 FO) - 'muraxion' - INR 44,300
SSS Event #25 The Elite 35 Lac Gtd (6 Max, 27500 RE) - 'TheInternetKid' - INR 10,86,000
SSS Event #26 3 Lac Gtd (550 R+A) - 'Spewushhhiiiii' - INR 2,53,800


Event Dates Buy In
WPT Cambodia 2019 15 Nov - 25 Nov $1,100
Manila Super Series 12 19 Nov - 24 Nov PHP 12,000
APT Finale 2019 28 Nov - 9 Dec TBD
Poker King Cup Vietnam 2019 4 Dec - 10 Dec VND 22 million
AJPC Asian Circuit - Festival 2019 6 Dec - 15 Dec TBD
Manila Super Series 13 10 Dec - 15 Dec PHP 12,000