Know the 3 Sports the world is absolutely crazy about

Posted On 02 Oct, 2018 0

By now, if you think that Cricket is the most popular sport in the world then my friend, let us correct your facts, it is Football and not Cricket that is the most popular sport in terms of fan following and worldwide interest of the economies and fans.

While sports are played all over the world as hobbies, careers, or as a part of fitness regimens; A few games have grown interest like weed in a trillion hearts of the masses among which, most countries from all around the world compete against each other. The sports are also attract investment from lucrative industries, generating huge chunk of revenues from all around the world.

Football (Soccer)- Association Football or Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. More than half of the world is estimated to be a part of the sport in terms of fandom and sport following. The sport is said to have around 4 billion of followers all over the world. Football is said to have been originated contemporarily in England whereas, there have been ancient traces of the sport from China, Greece, Rome and Japan. While the game enjoys most fan following from the continent of America and Europe, it amasses its viewers from even the smallest of the countries like Monaco and the Vatican City.

Cricket- While Football remains to be the favourite among the American and European continents, Cricket enjoys the perks of being an entire religion in India and a few other countries in the world considerably. Cricket is said to have 2.5 billion fans from the UK and Common Wealth countries. Cricket originated in 16th Century England and was entitled as its National sport in the 18th Century and has the most lucrative marketing campaigns made around it to lure investments and popularity from the masses. Cricket even has a God, Sachin Tendulkar and has various Bollywood movies dedicated to the game which have done considerably well in the box office.

Hockey- Hockey or Field Hockey, India’s National Sport bags the third position in the league of world’s most popular sports and is said to have an estimated amount of 2 billion fans around the world. Hockey is actively prevalent in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia with a number of amazingly pro trained players in the world. England, again is the mother earth to the game of Hockey. The game of Hockey is not too different from Soccer except that it is played using sticks rather than foot. The sport draws most attention and players from India, Australia and Pakistan.

Now these are just the most popular sports, but there are plenty of other sports across the worls that have been contested for years, including some really weird sports, which you can see here

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