Manish Lakhotia wins Electra at Spartan for INR 1.47 Lakhs

Posted On 31 May, 2018 0

The mid-week grind at The Spartan Poker is brightened further by the Electra, an INR 1,650 buy-in tournament which promises a guaranteed prizepool of INR 7 Lakhs to its participants. Last night though, the prizepool went up to INR 8.49 Lakhs and last player standing was Manish Lakhotia a.k.a 'thekid' who outlasted the field of 362 entries to claim top prize of INR 1,47,179 and the title.

47 players got paid out in this tournament with everyone being assured a payday of at least INR 4,839 each. The juice is of course in the top payouts and in 3-way action, it was 'invinciblewolf' (717,550 in chips) v. 'thekid' (2,083,934 in chips) v. 'tilting turtle' (1,160,516 in chips) gunning to be the champion in this daily featured tournament. The final casualty in the event was the shortstack as they went into this hand in Level #43 (40,000/80,000 ante 8,000).  A preflop raise by thekid to 160,000 who held big slick (Kc As) saw tilting turtle fold but invinciblewolf knew he had to take a shot with his holdings Ah 3s at this stage else he would not be able to compete with the bigger stacks.

His all-in was quickly called off by thekid who must have felt good seeing how comfortably ahead he was in the hand. But what's poker without a little sweat and sure enough, the 3d Qh 2c flop gave the shortstacked invinciblewolf the lead. His heart must have dipped a bit on the turn Jd and sank when the river Td completed his opponent and eventual winner's straight. With that hand, the second runner-up was determined and the remaining two headsup players played just one hand before deciding to chop the remaining prizepool basis an ICM deal. While thekid took the bigger share, INR 1,23,396 went the way of tilting turtle for his runner-up finish.

As mentioned earlier, the Electra is a daily featured tournament which is part of the Spartan Hot Leaderboard challenge which ends today. We have had quite a close race with a few contenders vying for the top prize of INR 5 Lakhs from the overall 15 Lakhs on offer for this Leaderboard challenge. 

Come back tomorrow to to know who claims that big prize!

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