Mithun Mahesh wins The Flash at The Spartan Poker

Posted On 11 May, 2018 0

24-year old Mithun Mahesh emerged victorious in The Flash tournament last night at The Spartan Poker for INR 2,32,500. Mahesh who plays under the moniker ‘ThePokeRaja’ outlasted 240 players in the tournament to claim the title. The tournament guaranteed INR 10 Lakhs which was distributed to top 23 places with a min-cash of INR 11,600. Mahesh eliminated ‘pokerbill’ at the second place finish for INR 1,57,500.



This is another major title for Mahesh who has previously won the Main Event at the Little Big Series held in November last year. Mahesh who is originally from Kerala, completed his education in electrical engineering from Mumbai University and is currently working an engineer in a steel plant in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. It has not been an easy ride for the young man as his family suffered a financial crisis about 10 years ago which led to Mahesh starting work as soon as he graduated a couple of years ago since he and his father are the only two breadwinners in the household.


Speaking about the tournament experience, he said, “In the early stages of the tournament, I ran good and gave some suck outs where I built a stack and sailed safely through most of the middle stage of the tournament. Later, I picked up  good spots and also followed an exploitative approach. The final table dynamics and positioning were favourable, hence had a good contest and eventually won it.”


Speaking about one of the key hands Mahesh said, “I remember a crucial hand where I was dealt Q 4 off suit on the button with 3 players left. I opened 2x, big blind calls the bet and he had me slightly covered. The flop 7d 9s 3d, the big blind checks and I c-bet half pot. The turn is 8d, again big blind checks, I check , making him induce a bluff (based on the player history). The river comes 2h where the big blind bets almost the pot and I shove to which he folds. This hand gave me a chip lead and helped me to win the tourney.”


When asked about plans in online and live, “Currently focusing of The Spartan Poker Hot Tournament Leaderboard, which now I'm standing first. No plans for live at least right now.”



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