'Mr.Meursau1T' claims SSS Event #33 title on Spartan

Posted On 17 Sep, 2018 0

The Sunday grind is always special to Indian poker players and yesterday it was even more special than usual, marking the end of the latest edition of the Spartan Super Series (SSS). Before the major tournaments of the night kicked off, there were a couple of smaller side events that were scheduled, including SSS Event #32, which was won by 'Riverhunter'.

SSS Event #33 INR 2 Lakh GTD was the next of these tournaments, an INR 1,100 freezeout tournament that kicked off yesterday afternoon. The tournament saw a participation of 190 entries and at the end of the grind, the top 27 of these players took away prizes, with a minimum cash of INR 1,800.

Coming out on top of this field and taking away the highest prize of INR 44,000 was 'Mr.Meursau1T' who is a regular player on The Spartan Poker. Just earlier this month, he finished second to 'Tiger10' in a Daredevil tournament on Spartan but this time, the player settled for nothing less than a win. 

He ended the tournament by knocking out 'Anteman' in heads-up, who walked away with the second-place prize of INR 29,800. Mr.Meursau1T gained a slight chip lead in heads-up and it wasn't too long before he ended up victorious, winning a prestigious SSS title.

The blinds were at 9,000/18,000 - 1,800 in Level #44 when the tournament reached the final hand. Both players posted the blinds and Mr.Meursau1T decided to go all-in pre-flop with Ac Jc. Anteman decided to make the call with Kd Ts and both players revealed their cards for the showdown. The board opened Jh Qd 6s 3h 5c which saw Mr.Meursau1T hitting a pair of Jacks on the flop and that turned out to be good enough to win the pot and the title. Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more updates on the Spartan Super Series.

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