Myanmar introduces bill to allow casinos

Posted On 23 Aug, 2018 0

In a latest development, the Myanmar Government has introduced a legislative bill to allow the functioning of casinos in the country. The Gambling Bill 2018 seeks to amend the existing gambling law in the country later this week, to the Lower House of Parliament called the Pyithu Hluttaw.

In order to pave the way for the functioning of regulated casinos in the country, the new Gambling Bill will try to amend the existing Gambling Act of 1986 in the country. The new bill was recently introduced in the legislature by the Public Affairs Management Committee.

The bill includes provisions to allow casinos in the country in order to boost tourism. These casinos will be strategically placed nears the borders of Myanmar, to attract tourists and players from neighbouring countries like China and Thailand. This was reported by local lawmaker, U Aung Hlaing Win, to the media.

As per the proposal, casinos will not be allowed to be built in tourism destinations that are rich in culture and heritage, while local people will also not be allowed in these casinos. These casinos will open a new sector in tourism, while also attracting foreign currency to the nation. They are in extreme need of foreign currency as Myanmar is currently facing a heavy fiscal deficit to the tune of around $3.23 billion.

There isn't a clearly defined framework for the functioning of casinos in the country and this Gambling Bill is proposed to set things straight in such matters. Currently, there are a couple of casinos running in hotel and resorts around the country, with permissions from the Tourism Ministry, while most forms of gambling are completely banned in the country. will bring to you regular updates on the Gambling Bill 2018 and the overall status of casinos in Myanmar, so stay tuned.

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