Nadeem Basha ships Sunday SuperStack on Spartan

Posted On 08 Oct, 2018 0

Nadeem Basha emerged victorious in the most recent Sunday SuperStack tournament at The Spartan Poker. Basha who plays under the moniker ‘pokerbill’ claimed the prize for INR 655,200. The tournament drew 504 entries to make a prize pool of INR 25,20,000. The prizepool was shared with the top 50 places with a min-cash of INR 12,600.

This is not only the title he has won but he has also claimed SSS #25 The Elite 35 Lac Gtd in August. Basha outlasted renowned poker player Anant ‘Pro’ Purohit in the heads-up battle who took the second place prize for INR 4,03,200.

The tournament ended in the Level #54 with blinds running 80,000-160,000-20,000, both the heads-up opponents pushed all their chips in between pre-flop with pokerbill: [Jc Jd] and Pro: [5h 5c]. The showdown Qd Th 6d 7d 4c didn’t help Purohit and pokerbill claimed the title.

Gutshot spoke to the winner after this victory. Basha expressed, “It was a really long grind. I had my eyes on Gayle Storm on as I was cruising all the way till last 2 table. Busted 10th in it. But Sunday SuperStack was long due. It's my first Sunday SuperStack that I have shipped. Final Table was pretty much very clear and straightforward with the chips in play. ‘Pro’ gave a tough fight till HU. Many many more to come."

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APT Taiwan 2019 9 Oct - 20 Oct TBD
WSOP Europe 2019 13 Oct - 2 Nov €10,350
WPT India 2019 15 Oct - 21 Oct INR 55,000
Asia Open Poker Tour 2019 1 Nov - 4 Nov TBD