Phil Galfond storms back with €308K swing!

Posted On 11 Mar, 2020 0

A couple of days back, the Run It Once founder Phil Galfond returned from his short break, booking a win of more than €180,000! A few months ago, Galfond was ready to throw in the towel when he suspended his heads-up challenge after the horrific loss of more than €900,000 against his mystery challenger ‘VeniVidi1993’.

Taking a month’s gap, Galfond resumed the challenge on 4 March with 574 hands played. Both players are scheduled to play 25,000 hands and so far, 10,501 hands have completed. After the end of the earlier session of heads-up battle €100-200 PLO, the three-time WSOP bracelet winner stood €716,785 down. It is true that this little break made a tremendous impact on Galfond.

On 26 February, Galfond posted, “I’m gonna keep playing.” A few poker players like Luke Schwartz made opinions after Galfond took a break. Several of them asked him to quit the challenge but his determination after a not-so-easy downswing experience brought him back. During this break, Galfond also reviewed his hand history about which he spoke in a recent chat with poker vlogger Joey Ingram.

Galfond booked for wins in the five sessions since his break while ‘VeniVidi1993’ found himself losing four sessions in the last week. They played 2,915 hands reaching halfway mark with a total of 12,845 hands been played so far. In the first session on Day 16, the former saw his biggest win with a whopping €183,481. On Day 17, Galfond suffered a minor setback after losing €21,571 reaching 11,083 hands. The next session completed 600 hands and Galfond secured €27,198. Day 19 and 20 saw back-to-back win with €26,018 and €91,803, respectively. Although he is still stuck at €592k, Galfond stormed his way nearly with €308k win.

Day 21 of the Galfond Challenge resumed yesterday, 10 March 2020 and the entire journey is going to be exciting to watch. Galfond is thrilled by the love and support of his people. For more updates on poker from around the world, keep reading and stay tuned!

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Event Dates Buy In
World Poker Tour (WPT) Taiwan 2020 27 Mar - 6 Apr TWD 30,000
Asian Poker Tour (APT) Da Nang 2020 7 Apr - 18 Apr TBD
End Boss INR 5 Crore GTD 15 Apr - 19 Apr INR 11,000
Asia Poker League (APL) Taiwan 2020 21 Apr - 27 Apr TBD
Asian Poker Tour (APT) Philippines 2020 27 Apr - 10 May TBD
National Poker Series 29 Apr - 5 May INR 15,000