Poker and Psychology

Posted On 24 Aug, 2018 0

Poker is a game highly dependent on the psychological analysis of a person over his opponents and himself. While strategy bags the first position in the order of priorities in the game, psychology remains to be the back bone of it. Any experienced Poker player always carries the sack of knowledge with him that suggest the mind reading practices over the table since it is a game indirectly reflecting human behavioural patterns during the most intense circumstances.

Apart from acquiring the skill of keen observation of the opposition players, a person also has to be on his toe when it comes to having a leash over his own emotions. So, to master every turn of the table during Poker, let’s introduce you to the most basic and fine human psychological traits which when followed will come handy in case of any Poker game, especially when played Live.

Master of self- As much as the aforementioned words sound like the ones uttered by an animated character portraying wisdom as his basic nature in a famous Disney movie, its equally important to have a grip over your own emotions while sitting over the table heading towards an intense game. One revelation of what’s going inside of your head may lead you to self-destruction while others benefit from the act realizing your potential in the next bet.

Ego big-O- Poker involves high risks and higher egos depending on individual choices. It’s a fact that many players who bet high ranks also do it with subconscious intention of choosing to catch the opportunity of ego satisfaction, it’s easy to spot the played and suggested to not stroke it unless you do not yourself have high chances of winning the following bet.

Brain train- Unlike most circumstances in life where the mind acts monkey, Poker demands to have a horse mind that acts faster, wiser and consistently. You can literally practice mind exercises which help you during the game like focus, meditation and reading Gutshot articles to identify human threats from making you the amount of money that you have on your mind.

Gut-shot- It is extremely important to trust your basic instincts when it comes to a game of bluffing, speculations and tilt. ‘Go with your guts’ is the primary words of motivation you must follow during the game to have a longer run in the race. Not just the experience accumulated from playing Poker but in general your experience in dealing with humans day to day will enable you to have full-fledged trust in the thoughts emitted by your subconscious.

Body don’t lie- Reading the body language of the opponent is the most important aspect when it comes to applying human psychology to Poker in case of analysing the situation to conclude his next moves. Body languages like tapping on the table, sweating, drinking water or tilting the head signify huge movements within the brain of your opponent, although it is always advised to beware of the bluffers around the table.

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