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Poker players around the world can be quite entertaining off the felts as well. There are some of them who are very active on social media and worth following as well, to know abou their lifestyles, their current status in tournaments, win prizes and much more. Check out our list of the top 5 poker players to follow on Instagram!

1. Fedor Holz:

He is a German professional poker player who focuses on high roller tournaments. Currently, he is the 5th highest ranked live tournament player on the Global Poker Index. One of the winning tournament poker player in recent years, he has earnings of ten millions. And to add to all this, Fedor is still only in his mid 20s! He also has one of the best Instagram accounts that you should be following. His posts are mostly about the lifestyle of a young phenomenon high stakes poker pro. But you will also find a lot of photos from his travels around the world and his day to day life.

2. Nathan Williams:

He is a professional poker player turned bloggers and earns a full time income selling 200+ E books a month. Nathan specializes in “microstakes” which means that he is very good at winning when the amount required to bet is small. He became internet famous in online poker forums by the username “BlackRain79”. Thanks to his status at the top of microstakes ranking site that is no longer live today.  What is interesting about Nathan’s success is that he has a very small audience. Only recently, he started hitting 300 visitors per day to his blog and for a long time his traffic was around the 200 visitors per day mark.

3.  Maria Ho:

This should come as no surprise that apart from men, even women are on the list. Maria Ho, born Taiwan, is an all time poker player and knows what she’s doing on the poker felt. She also has one of the best poker Instagram accounts these days. Her posts are about big poker tournaments or cash games. Maria posts a lot about her successful lifestyle being a poker pro. Besides poker, she has also been invited to play in various types of games all over the world. Ho started playing poker in college. Her first major tournament success came in 2007 at World Series of Poker where she was the last woman remaining. Must follow this poker player!

4. Phil Hellmuth:

This guy needs no description at all. The “Poker Brat” is a fifteen time WSOP bracelet winner and one of the most famous poker players in the world and he’s known for his legendary rants and tirades at the poker table. Phil’s poker Instagram account is one of the best ones out there. It gives you an inside look into the day to day life of one of the true legends of the game. He not only posts about big tournaments but he also includes pictures of himself with all sorts of celebrities.

5. Doug Polk :

Doug Polk has one of the biggest names in poker in recent times and he also has one of the most popular Instagram accounts as we can see right here. Doug posts mostly about his life in and around the poker tables being a high stakes poker pro. He will post updates if he is playing a big poker tournament like the WSOP. His posts are also about his ongoing poker streaming such his recent bankroll challenge to turn $100 into 10k at the micro stakes poker tables online. Recently, he also posted about his video game streaming, crypto related activities and his dogs! Always entertaining his followers, he is worth your follow for sure.

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