Pranay Chawla and Anish Patra cash in TIPS Poker Classic 1

Posted On 21 Aug, 2018 0

The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) made its historic debut in the Kings Casino, Rozvadov, Czech Republic, which is the biggest casino in Europe. Scheduled between 15-20 August, the series was planned for Indian poker players, keeping in mind budgetary constraints and organizing events with similar buy-ins as that of tournaments held in India.

After a couple of tournaments held in the first couple of days, the TIPS Poker Classic 1 was held on 17th August, with a buy-in of €60 and a total of 169 entries (126 players + 43 re-entries) taking part in the tournament. While the €10,000 guarantee wasn't reached, it was still a fairly good outcome at the Kings Casino.

Quite a few Indians participated in this particular tournament, but the wait for a title to an Indian player continued, as Belgium's Johan Cornelis Stijnen shipped the tournament and took home the top prize of €1,677 (~INR 1.34 lakh). The actual prize calculated for first place was of €2,424, but a 4-way deal on the final table meant a lower pay-out to the winner.

While we're still waiting for an Indian player to win a TIPS title, two Indians did cash out in this particular event - Pranay Chawla and Anish Patra. Chawla was the first to be eliminated, taking home €173 (~INR 13,800) for finishing 13th, while Patra made a slightly deeper run, finishing 10th for €197 (~INR 15,700).

These two have been participating in quite a few events in the ongoing TIPS series and they made good finishes in the TIPS Poker Classic 1, where the top 17 players finished in the money, for a minimum cash of €151. Yesterday was the last day of the inaugural TIPS series and we'll bring to you all updates from that series.

Final table results:

  1. Johan Cornelis Stijnen - €1,677
  2. Dmytro Popov - €1,534
  3. Thomas Wolf €1,403
  4. Karel Novotny - €1,393
  5. Timothy Schutter - €711               
  6. Ouail Rejeb - €561           
  7. Aleksandar Trajkovski - €429       
  8. Christian Hermann - €323             
  9. Werner Krüger - €241
  10. Anish Patra - €197

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