Spartan's Sunday SuperStack taken down by 'Ak53'

Posted On 10 Sep, 2018 0

The Spartan Poker hosts daily featured tournaments on their platform, with different buy-ins and different guarantees for different days of the week. Wednesday's Destiny and Sunday's SuperStack tournament are two of the biggest featured tournaments on Spartan, with the latter being played out yesterday.

Sunday SuperStack INR 25 Lakh GTD kicked off at 7:30pm last evening, with a buy-in of INR 5,500. A massive field of 536 entries registered to the tournament and the guarantee was beaten once again with a new prize pool of INR 26,80,000 being generated and the top 50 places being paid out a minimum cash prize of INR 13,400.

The players were at it for nearly 8 hours, with the tournament coming to an end at 3:24am this morning and 'Ak53' topping the field for the biggest prize of the night - INR 6,96,800. He fired two bullets on his way to winning this title, while also beating a final table packed with some really good players.

In heads-up, he beat Arjanveer Chadha aka 'instrumental', a player who has been having a dream run across all the major poker portals in India. He won INR 4,28,800 for finishing second here, while also bubbling the final table in The Millionaire, which was shipped by Chandan Dilawar. Finishing 4th was Siddhant Kapoor aka 'bullzeye' and finishing 6th was Sumit Sapra aka 'mrgr33n'.

We had a word with Chadha after he made another deep run on Spartan. He said, “I’ve nothing much to say. It's just hard work and a ton of volume just paying off. In this case, putting in volume is the key.”

The tournament came to an end in Level #55, with the blinds at 90,000/180,000 - 22,500. Ak53 was slightly ahead in chips when Chadha decided to go all-in pre-flop with pocket Fours. Ak53 made the call with pocket Tens. It was an exciting final hand as Chadha hit a set of fours on the 4s 9s 2h flop, while Chadha completed his set on the river, with Jc Th being the final two cards to open up.

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