SSS Day 10: Bagaria, Kumar, Singh among title winners.

Posted On 22 Mar, 2020 0

We are just one-day away from marking an end to the Spartan Super Series (SSS) on Spartan Poker. The weekend saw a surge of players and plenty of tournaments spread out for players belonging to different stakes. However, the major attarction of the night was The Beast - PLO High Roller displaying INR 15 Lakhs in prize pool. And here is a complete summary of SSS Day 10....

SSS #52 INR 1 Lakh GTD

The first tournament of the day kicked off at 12 pm, eventually registering a total of 612 entries who paid INR 220 individually. The advertised guarantee was surpassed and INR 1.22 Lakh in prize pool was created to be shared among the top 47 finishers. Capturing the first title was ‘Ingloriousbasterds’ after the players settled for a 4-way deal which saw 'Straightflush1984' in the runner-up position.


SSS #53 Afternoon Showdown INR 2 Lakhs GTD

With a buy-in of INR 660, a total of 361 entrants pounced on the field that led to the creation of the bigger prize pool of INR 2.16 Lakhs. Topping the list was Dhaval Bagaria aka 'Pokerpro5553' seizing the winner's prize money after defeating his opponent, 'Lordofcards31' in heads-up with his trip threes.

SSS #54 Afternoon Hi-Fi INR 3 Lakhs GTD

A total of 412 runners entered the field after each paid INR 1,100 buy-in to hunt for the Afternoon Hi-Fi title. And the one take home the champion's title along with the first-place cash prize was 'Boris brejcha' after the players settled for a heads-up deal which saw Aniket W aka 'Anteman' in heads-up securing the second place payout.

SSS #55 Dominator INR 6 Lakhs GTD

At 7 pm on Saturday night, Dominator, one of the three feature tourneys on Spartan Poker kicked off. The entire tournament garnered a total of 359 entries after each paid INR 2,200. Capturing the first-place prize money was Neeraj Kumar aka 'SelfClaimedPros' who took home the title along with the cash prize after the players settled for a 3-way deal.

SSS #56 DareDevil INR 8.5 Lakhs GTD

The second tourney of the day had 50% discount on rebuys! This was the Saturday feature to begin at 8 pm last night. The event recorded a massive field of 275 entries after each paid INR 4,400. Topping the list was Sandeep Singh aka 'SandeeSingh' who secured the first place after the players struck a 3-way deal that saw Sahil Mahboobani aka 'ImHighIshove' in the second place.

SSS #57 The Beast - PLO High Roller INR 15 Lakhs GTD

The 10th day of SSS ended with the biggest guaranteed tournament of the day promising INR 15 Lakhs in prize pool which eventually crushed to collect INR 21.50 Lakhs. A total of 215 entrants pounced on the field after each paid INR 11,000 and the top 20 finishers earned at least INR 28,810 as min-cash. In level 39 of the tournament, the players struck a 3-way deal that saw 'Pokerface63' topping the list and 'ONmyMAC' in the runner-up position.

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