SSS Day 6: Alok Birewar takes down Mega Stack on Spartan

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The Spartan Super Series (SSS) hosted on Spartan Poker is reaching its end! Yesterday wrapped up another big day hosting Event #35 Mega Freeze INR 7 Lakhs GTD, Saturday’s featured tournament which enticed a good field. The poker fanatics are usually charged up to win big in the series that guarantees INR 4.7+ Crores! Here is a quick summary of SSS Day 6


The first tournament attracted a total number of 498 players, entering for a buy-in of INR 110. The top 31 places were paid out from a share of the prize pool with a min-cash of INR 528. The first winner was ‘sleeptimer1’ walking out with INR 9,619 prize money. The final hand of the tournament saw a 6-way deal with ‘sleeptimer1’ carrying the largest stack and shipping the entire event.

SSS Event #33 INR Afternoon Showdown INR 4 Lakhs GTD

The anonymous player ‘Piko’ powered through a field of 157 entries. The buy-in to the tournament was INR 2,200 and the prize pool was shared among the top 15 places, receiving a min-cash of INR 7,200. ‘Piko’ defeated the online grinder Neeraj Kumar aka ‘SelfClaimedPros’ in heads-up.

 In Level #34, blinds at 5,000/10,000 ante 1,250, ‘Piko’ (7h Ad) entered with 1 million chips playing against Kumar (2h Kh) with 152k chips. The latter went all-in and got a call of 141k from the former. The board ran 7d 5s 5c Qd Jd, ‘Piko’ shoved two pairs of Sevens and Fives against his/her opponent’s pair of 5, ultimately shipping the tournament.

SSS Event #34 Afternoon Hi-Fi INR 3 Lakhs GTD

Following the Afternoon Showdown, the Afternoon Hi-Fi generally tends to draw a massive number of players. And yesterday saw 308 entries, each paying INR 1,100 buy-in. The top 27 places received a share from the prize pool drawn for a min-cash INR 2,772. A well-known poker enthusiast and online crusher, Kanchan Sharma aka ‘Bubblegum’ triumphed the competition beating ‘modi sarkar’ in the heads-up battle.

In Level #39, blinds at 10,000/20,000 ante 2,500, both players enter the final hand. Sharma (Kh 6c) with 2 million chips against ‘modi sarkar’ (Ad 7d) with 221k chips. Putting their entire stack in the middle, the board ran 4c Kd Th 2h Jd, and that’s when Sharma showed her pair of Kings over the latter’s Ace high card.

SSS Event #35 Mega Freeze INR 7 Lakhs GTD

Scheduled for each Saturday, Mega Freeze INR 7 Lakhs GTD is among the popular weekend tournaments held on Spartan Poker. With a buy-in of INR 5,500, a total number of 125 players entered the tournament. The prize pool was shared among the top 17 places, each receiving a min-cash of INR 10,990. This time it was 2018 WPT DeepStacks Big Bounty winner Alok Birewar aka ‘Mazacar’ who claimed the day after defeating Nishant Sharma aka ‘FunkyouFTW’ in heads-up. 

In Level #37, blinds at 7,000/14,000 ante 900, both players enter the final hand. Birewar (As Ks) with 1 million chips playing against ‘FunkyouFTW’ (Qs 7s) with 184k chips. The latter puts his entire stack in the middle and got a call of 169k from the former. The board runs 5s Kc Ts Qc Td, and that’s when Birewar shows his two pairs of Kings and Tens over opponent’s Queens and Tens, championing the late-night tournament.

SSS Event #36 Hi-Fi INR 6 Lakhs GTD

By this time, you must be knowing that every SSS day ends with Hi-Fi being the final tournament. 355 players entered the tournament for a buy-in of INR 1,650. Outlasting the field to win the last tournament was a regular face on Spartan Poker, Kunal Sharma aka ‘cvc’ who defeated another leading online crusher Naren Purohit aka ‘IMUNAGI’ in heads-up to add the valuable title to his poker career. In the final hand of the tournament, Sharma showed his pair of Kings over Purohit’s pair of Jacks and added the first-place prize money into his poker bankroll.

SSS – Millionaire Day 1B

Yesterday wrapped up Day 1B of The Millionaire which comes with a guarantee of INR 1.5+ Crores. The last night attracted another set of 442 players, each chipping in a buy-in of INR 11,000. The tournament saw the top 66 places being paid a share from the prize pool. Amassing the largest stack of the day was ‘BatteryDead’ who was closely followed by ‘pgp282’.

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