SSS Event #9: '24beez' takes down Mega Stack

Posted On 15 Aug, 2018 0

It was the BIG one of the night. The daily featured tournament Mega Stack takes place on Tuesday evenings at Spartan and it usually features a guaranteed prizepool of 10 Lakhs but for the ongoing Spartan Super Series (SSS), that guarantee was bumped up by 50% to INR 15 Lakhs. When all was done and dusted after more than 7 hours of play, it was '24beez' who came out on top of the field claiming the title and the biggest prizemoney of SSS's Day 2 action.

The reason for it being the biggest was because the prizepool went way past the hiked guarantee amount as well. It was a very precise INR 18 Lakhs that the 308 participating entries had put together in this tournament which featured a buy-in of INR 4,400. 39 players would get paid out with min-cash being INR 12,420. A couple of well known pros from the circuit finished in the money in this event such as Kanishka 'Wildflower' Samant who exited in 25th place.

Another was Chiraag Patel who is an India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) title winner from last month's edition and also recently won his first international title at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) in Manila. While there were plenty of deep runs for Team India, Patel was the only player from the contingent who won a title in that series. However another online title here at the SSS was not to be for the player also known as 'drukenf1st' as Patel finished in 22nd place for INR 17,640.

As the field got trimmed down to the final table and from their to heads-up, it was down to 24beez and 'U_R_MY_BANK' vying for this featured tournament title as well as the biggest chunk of the prizepool. 24beez held the lead with 5.7 million chips as compared to the 3.9 million of U_R_MY_BANK. That lead quickly flipped in favour of U_R_MY_BANK just a few hands into heads-up when a massive 2.3 million pot went U_R_MY_BANK's way when he mounted an all-in move on the turn to which 24beez folded.  

That lead however didn't last for too long as a few hands later both players hit two pair but 24beez's was the better of the two and he claimed a pot worth 4.8 million chips. But that was not the end of the swing fest. Headsup play lasted more than 50 hands and there were several pots worth 1-2 million which were traded between the two finalists. A number of hands though went 24beez's way and he ended up with over 7 million chips as compared to U_R_MY_BANK's 1.2 million when the final hand happened.

U_R_MY_BANK with Jh Th moved all-in and 24beez holding a massive lead made the call with a marginal Td 7d. The river proved to be kind to 24beez on a board of 5s 4d 9s 9c 7c and with his two pair of Nines and Sevens, he was declared champion winning a sum of INR 3,60,900 and the title of SSS Mega Stack. For his runner-up finish, U_R_MY_BANK made INR 2,39,940.

Just more event remained for this Day of the Spartan Super Series and we will bring you that round-up in a just a short while right here on


Event Dates Buy In
WPT Philippines 2020 6 Feb - 17 Feb PHP 80,000
Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) 7 Feb - 16 Feb INR 11,000
Triton Poker Jeju 2020 10 Feb - 22 Feb HKD 1,000,000
APL Da Nang 2020 19 Feb - 28 Feb VND 25,300,000
AJPC Asia Millions Poker Championship 21 Feb - 24 Feb KRW 2,500,000
Asian Poker Tour (APT) Taiwan 2020 4 Mar - 15 Mar TWD 33,000