SSS: 'Exit the Matrix' wins final event of Day 2

Posted On 15 Aug, 2018 0

Even as the Mega Stack event was getting into its middle stages in the ongoing Spartan Super Series at The Spartan Poker, the final event of Day took off at 10:00pm with Event #10 featuring another seven-figure guarantee i.e. INR 10 Lakhs. By the time the clock struck 5:00 am on Independence Day, it was 'Exit the Matrix' who celebrated the start of this momentous day with a title win in this last tournament of Day 2.

313 entries took the prizepool up to INR 11,20,000 and top 39 finishers would end up in the money. INR 7,728 was assured to money finishers but all eyes were on the top 3 spots which carried the biggest portion of the collected prizepool. An interesting coincidence in this tournament was that Ankit Wadhawan a.k.a 'd00mtr00p3r' who won a previous SSS event of the day and its runner-up 'indiapro' also cashed out in this tournament but busted 17th and 18th respectively.

Couple of other folks who ran deep in this event were Sam 'Lokimon' Anand who finished in 7th place and just after him was a former winner of this Mega Stack event in Anurag 'InvestmentBanker' Srivastava who took down the Mega Stack two weeks ago. Srivastava unfortunately wasn't able to win his second Mega Stack title in as many weeks finishing in 6th place for INR 52,304.

The two players who made it to the end battle for the title and biggest prizes were '100dagar' (2.1 million) and Exit the Matrix (3.4 million). Over the course of the next 10 odd hands however, Exit The Matrix lost his lead and both players were at even stacks when a massive hand (and pot went down). With the blinds at 15,500-31,000-3,100, Exit the Matrix picked an excellent starting hand in pocket Kings (Kd Kh) and made a raise to 46,500. 100dagar (Td As) had a pretty good starting hand for heads-up and repopped it to 217,000 which got 4-bet to 558,000.

This time 100dagar decided to just flat the bet to see a flop of Tc 3d 4d. Top pair and top kicker meant that he was happy to put his chips into the middle but saw the bad news when his opponent's Kings opened up. No Ace or Ten on the remaining street meant that a massive pot worth 5.2 million went the way of Exit the Matrix. 100dagar was almost crippled being left with just 354k in chips.

Not surprisingly the final hand took place only a few minuted later when 100dagar decided to try and double up with 5c Qd and went all-in. More bad news as Exit the Matrix snapped him off with a big hand in As Ks. It got even better on the board 2s Ad Ac 5h 6d with a set of Aces helping Exit the Matrix take down that pot, title and first place payday of INR 2,25,560 while 100dagar made INR 1,49,296 for a runner-up finish.

That was it for coverage of the Day 2 action from the Spartan Super Series at The Spartan Poker. will bring all the action from Day 3 of the SSS so come back here tomorrow for all those updates.


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APPT Open Taipei 2020 31 Jan - 9 Feb TWD 35,000
The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) 3 Feb - 10 Feb TBD
WPT Philippines 2020 6 Feb - 17 Feb PHP 80,000
Asian Poker Tour (APT) Taiwan 2020 4 Mar - 15 Mar TBD